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During services and prayers Blannbekin began to hear voices which explained spiritual mysteries.  Her visions were transcribed by the Franciscan monk Ermenrich, her confessor.  Although not all of her revelations were considered obscene, they included visions of monks, women, and Jesus naked.  In one vision, she claimed to have felt the foreskin of Jesus in her mouth:

Crying and with compassion, she began to think about the foreskin of Christ, where it may be located [after the Resurrection]. And behold, soon she felt with the greatest sweetness on her tongue a little piece of skin alike the skin in an egg, which she swallowed. After she had swallowed it, she again felt the little skin on her tongue with sweetness as before, and again she swallowed it. And this happened to her about a hundred times. And when she felt it so frequently, she was tempted to touch it with her finger. And when she wanted to do so, that little skin went down her throat on its own. And it was told to her that the foreskin was resurrected with the Lord on the day of resurrection. And so great was the sweetness of tasting that little skin that she felt in all [her] limbs and parts of the limbs a sweet transformation.

Blannbekin described herself as continually beset with visions throughout the day, which she described as imber lacrimarum, or a “rain of tears” from God.  Many of these visions involved bright lights, and in one she described being “so filled with light within that she could gaze at herself.” As with the foreskin occasion, many of her visions involved touch, such as being kissed on the cheeks by the Lamb of God.  While eating the Eucharist, Blannbekin claimed to taste Christ; on one occasion, a sexually immoral priest could not find his Eucharist, which Blannbekin claimed to have felt in her own mouth.  Similarly, she described drinking a “refreshing spiritual drink” from the spear wound of Jesus. (Fig. 5) Supposed visitations from Jesus himself caused an orgastic reaction:  “Agnes herself was filled with an excitement in her chest every time that God visited her that was so intense that it went through her body and that it burned as a result, not in a painful but in a most pleasurable manner.” Blannbekin died in Vienna, Austria on March 10, 1315 in her convent. [75]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III

The Untold History of The White Races Cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
585 pages 720 pictures
Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III is divided into 2 parts. The First part of this volume goes over The Catholic Church’s history during the Dark Ages & Medieval Times.  These are a some of the things that are discussed: The Castrati (Castrated Boy Choir), Holy Blood & Organs, Jesus’s Holy Prepuce (Foreskin), The Penance & Anathema, The Fish Bishop, Saints that Levitate, The Incorruptible Saints, The Nun Manias, All Religious Holidays explained, The Heretics: The Luciferians, The Spanish Inquisition. The Second half of this book is a focus on the art of the times.  These are the subjects reviewed: Monsters & Gargoyles, Castles & Knight Armory, More on Medicine & Magic, More on Werewolves, Demons & Hell, Over 100 Different Black Madonnas &  Moorish Saints, The Catacomb Bone Churches, The Bejewelled Saints, Aliens, Astrology & Alchemy………………….

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