The Washington Post: Trump says medieval walls worked. They didn’t. Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I Kindle: $30.00

Buried Alive:     The Carolina (constitutio criminalis Carolina), although in many respects an advance on medieval penal legislation, doomed incendiaries to be burned alive; and an old law, cited by Dopler, condemned a man who had dug up and removed a boundary stone to be buried in the earth up to his neck and to have his head plowed off with a new plow, thus symbolizing in his own person the grave offence which he had committed.[160]

The ancient punishment of being buried alive appeared in several guises. In France, women were occasionally buried alive for very serious offenses, usually under the gallows.  This punishment was known as la fosse.  In the Scandinavian countries especially, criminals were often set in wet cement, which cracked their bones as it hardened, or put under the foundation stones of new buildings.  This was probably not done as a form of torture but in the nature of a human sacrifice to sanctify the building.  There is a persistent legend that adulterous nuns were walled up alive in the cellars of their convents (in the manner of vestal Virgins who committed the same offense) as graphically described in Walters Scotts Marmion.  Scott says the skeleton of a woman was found enclosed in a niche under the old convent of Coldingham but gives no other details. A similar story claims that the children of nuns were buried alive in the cellars to hide their mother’s sin. [161]

Immurement/Being built in to the wall: Being built into or cemented into a wall enclosement.

The patriarch of Aquileia, Poppo of Treffen (r. 1019–1045) was a mighty secular potentate, and in 1044 he sacked Grado. The newly elected Doge of Venice, Domenico I Contarini, captured him and allegedly let him be buried up to his neck, and left guards to watch over him until he died.


Maud de Braose and her son, William, were imprisoned and starved to death under John, King of England, after Maud accused King John of murdering his nephew.


In 1149 Duke Otto III of Olomouc of the Moravian Přemyslid dynasty immured the abbot Deocar and 20 monks in the refectory in the monastery of Rhadisch, where they starved to death. Ostensibly this was because one of the monks had fondled his wife Duranna when she had spent the night there. However Otto III confiscated the monastery’s wealth, and some said this was the motive for the immurement.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I Kindle: $30.00


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The Washington Post: Trump says medieval walls worked. They didn’t..

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