The Washington Post: In Canada, pretending to be a witch is a punishable offense Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I Coupon Code for 33% Off: THANKSGIVING

The Executioner on Witch Crime 1500 Germany.

Schmidt was also a humanitarian.  After torturing several women accused of witchcraft, Schmidt became convinced that the women were confessing to crimes they had never committed through fear of pain.  Although he was risking death by defying the ecclesiastic authorities, he applied to the town council to stop the trials.  The council was astonished because the execution of witches was a torturer’s most remunerative business-he provided the rope, brimstone, faggots, stake, etc. at a profit to himself and also did a sideline by selling the charred glands of the dead women to alchemists. But the council listened to Schmidt, and as a result Nuremberg was almost the only city in Europe spared the terrible effects of the witch mania. Schmidt also requested the council to stop the custom of putting a woman who had killed her newborn infant (a common crime of the period) into a sack and then throwing her into the Pegnitz.

“Your worships do this because you feel that it is not respectable to hang women-their skirts might fly exposing their legs,” Schmidt pointed out. “But there is no reason why they shouldn’t be beheaded.”

The burgomaster shook his head.  “You’re making a mistake, Schmidt,” he pointed out. “Although you’re an excellent torturer, you’re rather clumsy with the beheading sword and women are likely to faint and make you miss. You know how furious the mob becomes at the sight of a bungled job.”

I’ll take the risk,” said Schmidt firmly. “I’m sick of seeing those miserable creatures drowning by inches in an air-filled sack.’

The burgomaster proved to be right, although Schmidt took every precaution for his first beheading of a woman.  The execution took place on the great gallows outside the city gates.  It had required the timber from 42 oak trees and the labor of 25 skilled carpenters and 335 helpers to construct this great edifice, which was equipped with all modern conveniences-even a separate beam for the hanging of Jews so they would not pollute the Christian criminals by their presence. Schmidt’s ordered his apprentice to hold the woman’s head steady while he swung the great, 2-handled sword around his head.  But the woman at the last moment and Schmidt not only cut off her head but also his apprentices hands. The mob, howling with rage pelted Schmidt with garbage, and his apprentice wasn’t any too pleased either. Schmidt refused to be discouraged.  Getting another apprentice, he continued practicing with the sword until he could cut off a head no matter how the victim ducked and established beheading as the standard Nuremberg punishment for infanticide. [80]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I

Coupon Code for 33% Off: THANKSGIVING


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The Washington Post: In Canada, pretending to be a witch is a punishable offense.

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