The Washington Post: Children beat effigy of Judas in Poland, amid persistence of ‘medieval anti-Semitism’ Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III $54.00

Social tension in the Middle Ages, expressed in terms of transcendental Christian myth, produced crazes of fear that were directed against outcasts from Christian society. Jews were accused of praying to the Devil, doing him homage, practicing sexual orgies, cannibalism, and murder, and using in their rites loathsome materials like blood and semen. Lepers were accused (along with Jews and occasionally witches) of spreading poison from hilltops or dropping it into wells.

The full bill of witchcraft was seldom leveled against the Jews, and even some superficially similar charges were at heart quite different: the Jews were absurdly believed to stab the Eucharist in order to do hurt to Christ, not a charge found in the witch trials; on the other hand, Jews, unlike witches, were not supposed to eat their sacrificial victims or render them into magical ointment. Even at the height of the medieval witch craze, simple sorcerers, heretics, Jews, lepers, political pariah, and other outcasts, though occasionally touched with the brush of witchcraft, were for the most part dealt with quite differently. Why were witches singled out for a more total and hysterical hatred than any of the other outcasts of Christian society? Perhaps because, unlike Jews, lepers, or out of favor politicians, they were not physically identifiable, so that the number upon whom guilt and fear could be projected was almost unlimited.[360]

That the Jews were unholy was a belief so ingrained by the Church that the most devout persons were the harshest in their antipathy, none more so that St. Louis.  If the Jews were unholy, then killing and looting them was holy work.  Lepers too were targets of the Pastoureaux on the theory that they had joined the Jews in a horrible compact to poison the wells, and their persecution was made official by a royal ordinance of 1321.[361]

The accusation of well poisoning was as old as the plague of Athens, when it had been applied to the Spartans, and as recent as the epidemics of 1320 21, when it had been applied to the lepers.  At that time the lepers were believed to have acted at the instigation of the Jews and the Moslem King of Granada, in a great conspiracy of outcasts to destroy Christians.  Hundreds were rounded up and burned throughout France in 1322 and the Jews heavily punished by an official fine and unofficial attacks.  When the plague came, the charge was instantly revived against the Jew.

The antagonism had ancient roots.  The Jew had become the object of popular animosity because the early Church, as an offshoot of Judaism striving to replace the parent, had to make him so.  His rejection of Christ as Saviour and his dogged refusal to accept the new law of the gospel in place of the Mosaic law made the Jew a perpetual insult to the newly established Church, a danger who must be kept distinct and apart from the Christian community.  This was the purpose of the edicts depriving Jews of their civil rights issued by the early Church Councils in the 4th century as soon as Christianity became the state religion.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III $54.00

The Untold History of The White Races Cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
585 pages 720 pictures

  • ISBN-10: 1943820074
  • ISBN-13: 978-1943820078
Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III is divided into 2 parts. The First part of this volume goes over The Catholic Church’s history during the Dark Ages & Medieval Times.  These are a some of the things that are discussed: The Castrati (Castrated Boy Choir), Holy Blood & Organs, Jesus’s Holy Prepuce (Foreskin), The Penance & Anathema, The Fish Bishop, Saints that Levitate, The Incorruptible Saints, The Nun Manias, All Religious Holidays explained, The Heretics: The Luciferians, The Spanish Inquisition. The Second half of this book is a focus on the art of the times.  These are the subjects reviewed: Monsters & Gargoyles, Castles & Knight Armory, More on Medicine & Magic, More on Werewolves, Demons & Hell, Over 100 Different Black Madonnas &  Moorish Saints, The Catacomb Bone Churches, The Bejewelled Saints, Aliens, Astrology & Alchemy………………….

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The Washington Post: Children beat effigy of Judas in Poland, amid persistence of ‘medieval anti-Semitism’.

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