‘The Pretty Women of Paris’: Wealthy prostitutes who ruled the French capital from their beds pose in notorious 19th Century guide for visiting Englishmen Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I $54.00

Patronizing prostitutes was such an accepted activity that groups of young men often visited brothels together. This may have provided an opportunity for them to bond through sharing a sexual experience; but even in the absence of any homoerotic aspects, it could be seen as part of a typical evening’s entertainment, along with drinking. This was true of elite young men in strategies prevented them from marrying; it was also true of men at all levels of the social scale who were unable to marry because they could not support a household.  Apprenticeship contracts were often very concerned that these workers not visit prostitutes, perhaps because it was feared that the money to finance the visit would be stolen from their masters; but the fact that this was such a concern indicates that the activity was not at all uncommon. References in French court records to young men visiting brothels mentioned that they had done so “as unmarried young servant-journeymen are wont to do,” or that “nature moves them.”  Jacques Rossiaud says that this activity was viewed as “a proof of social and physiological normality.”[96]

In 18th century England, virtually every madam of a brothel maintained a supply of canes so the customers could be flogged to restore their sexual powers, and flagellation became known on the continent as “the English vice.” The process is described in considerable detail in John Cleland’s Fanny Hill.  It still continues today, and there are references to it in many modern novels. Such cases, however, come more under the heading of masochism (deriving sexual gratification from pain inflicted on one’s self) rather than sadism (in which gratification is derived from pain inflicted on others). There is no physical basis for sadism; it is purely a psychological phenomenon. It is, however, far more common than masochism. Psychologists have argued that all interest in cruelty or scenes of violence (including the gun battles in TV Westerns) is basically sadistic. [97]

The brothel was not customarily a ‘closed house’ and the women were not usually ‘cloistered’ there . Public prostitutes, whether they lived in the ‘disreputable’ streets or lodged elsewhere in the city, were free to solicit in taverns and other public places, but they were under obligation to take their clients back to the ‘good house’, where a certain amount of merrymaking took place before they moved on to the chamber. The managers found the kitchen nearly as profitable as the bedroom.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I


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The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
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