The Independent: Italy floods: Death toll climbs to 17 – as 14 million trees destroyed Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I Coupon Code for 33% Off: THANKSGIVING

Grass, roots, and white clay were the ordinary articles of food for the poorer classes during these terrible years. And as a result, the sufferers almost ceased to resemble human beings. Their stomachs became greatly distended, while almost all the bones of their bodies were visible beneath their leathery skin. Their very voices became thin and piping.  Packs of raging wolves came out of the forests and fell upon the defenseless peasants. It seemed as if mankind in France could never recover. Raoul Glaber (from Medieval France) tells us that in the years 1030-32, the whole earth was so inundated with “continuous rain for three years” that there could not be found a furrow in the field for sowing. It followed that these floods caused an awful famine. Excessive rainfall and humidity was the main cause of the terrible famine of 1030 to 1033 in France. The ground was incessantly drenched by rainfall. Farmers waited in vain for a favorable time for sowing their crops. The soil remained so soaked for three years, that it didn’t offer a single furrow to receive grain. These floods offered a sad triumph over the weeds in the fields. Bushel of seed brought only a pint in the best land and the pint itself only a few grains.

In 1033 A.D. In Gaul [Western Europe] the winter was severe. In Switzerland, the Imperial Army of Emperor Conrad II suffered much from the cold. The weather in 1033 was ominous. The temperature in Gaul [Western Europe] was so unfavorable that farmers could not sow or harvest because the fields were constantly flooded. Because of the incessant rains, it was believed that it would take 3 years for the soil to become suitable for sowing furrows. A bushel of grain was sown in the fertile land. When harvested the grain yielded only a sixth of a bushel, hardly a handful. A plague started in the East. After ravaging Greece, the plague came to Italy and spread to Gaul [Western Europe], and did not even spare England. Individuals were forced to eat grass, and animals that had fallen [dead animals]. The people killed themselves in order to consume themselves. Some children were tempted with an egg or an apple in order to lure them away. These children were then killed for food to satisfy their hunger. This madness, the frenzy grew so that the animals were safe to escape death; when the people nourished themselves on human flesh, even though this crime was punishable with the stake [burning at the stake]. Some people who starved so long that when someone arrived to nurse them back to health, they ate a full meal and fell over dead [refeeding syndrome]. It was generally believed; the order of the seasons and the elements had ceased.  The year 1033 in France was noted for its rain. But it was also distinguished for its great calamities. All the elements were engaged in a war for three years running. The seasons were contrary to sowing crops. [13]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I

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The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
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The Independent: Italy floods: Death toll climbs to 17 – as 14 million trees destroyed.

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