The Independent: How the medieval witch image has evolved over centuries Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II Coupon Code for 33% Off: HALLOWEEN

The most decisive traits tending to draw witch charges were begging, grumbling, cursing, and quarrelling.  Witches were of all ages, though in Essex the commonest age category was 50 to 60 years old, possibly because age was supposed to enhance magical wisdom. Though children were frequently possessed, they were seldom accused of witchcraft themselves.  Much more frequently they were the alleged victims of witchcraft, becoming accusers or at least the catalysts for accusations.  The cases of the Burton Boy (1596), the Bilson Boy (1620), the Throgmorton Girls (1688), the Goodwin Children (1688), and of course the Salem girls (1692), are examples of the many accusations growing out of the alleged bewitchment of children.  This is not surprising.  Children were more antagonized neighbours; they were perceived as vulnerable to attack, and above all they were less sensitive than adults to the pain that accusations would bring to others.[189]

The witches were imbued with the missionary spirit, which made them doubly damnable in the eyes of the divines and doubly guilty in the eyes of the law.  So in the case of Janet Breadheid of Auldearne, we find that her husband “enticed her into that craft.”  A girl name Bellot, of Madame Bourignon’s academy, confessed that her mother had taken her to the Sabbat when she was quite a child.  Another girl alleged that all worshippers of the Devil “are constrained to offer him their Children.”  Elizabeth Francis of Chelmsford a witch tried in 1566, was only about 12 years old when her grandmother first taught her the art of sorcery.  The famous Pendle Beldame, Elizabeth Demdike “brought vp her owne Children, instructed her Graund-children, and tooke great care and paines to bring them to be Witches.”  At Salem, George Burroughs, a minister, was accused by a large number of women as “person who had Seduc’d and Compell’d them into the snares of Witchcraft.”[190]

Finally, we know from experience that the daughters of witches are always suspected of similar practices, as imitators of their mothers’ crimes; and that indeed the whole of a witch’s progeny is infected.  And the reason for this and for all that has been said before is, that according to their pact with the devil, they always have to leave behind them and carefully instruct a survivor, so that they may fulfill their vow to do all they can to increase the number of witches.  For how else could it happen, as it has very often been found, that tender girls of 8 or 10 years have raised up tempests and hailstorms, unless they had been dedicated to the devil under such a pact by their mothers.  For the children could not do such things of themselves by abjuring the Faith, which is how all adult witches have to begin, since they have no knowledge of any single article of the Faith.  We will recount an example of such a child.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II

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The Independent: How the medieval witch image has evolved over centuries.

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