The Good Ole’ Gardy Loo is Back. Eco-friendly open-air urinals cause uproar in Paris

The Gardy Loo is nothing new. The only reason it seems as if this practice is new is due to the historical illiteracy of mankind. Not to long ago in France and throughout all of Europe, it was law that all you had to do was yell a term out of the window before you launched your refuse down below. As a matter of fact “Look Out Below” is another term that forewarned of the prepelled feces. “Gardy Loo” was the term used in France. The Thames River and many other rivers throughput Europe was the standard toilet. Part of the reason Perfume is called Eu de Toillette is because when the average citizen came inside his home he immediately put his face in the toilet for fresh air as the air/smell of the city was obviously enough to kill a man as it is aell documented this has occurred.

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