The Atlantic: Young Black Women Are Flocking to Witchcraft in Digital Covens Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I Coupon Code for 33% Off: THANKSGIVING

A professional’s torturers reputation often depended on what new and ingenious methods he had invented and on how complete was his stock of weird, complicated instruments-regardless of whether these devices served any really useful purpose.  It is incredible that human beings ever survived many of the elaborate tortures to which they were subjected.  Here is a description of what was done to a woman accused of witchcraft by the hangman of Dreissigacker in 1631:

(1)  The hangman binds the woman, who was pregnant, and places her on the rack. Then he racks her till her heart would fain break. (2) When she did not confess, he poured oil over her head and burned it. (3) He placed Sulphur in her armpits and burned it.  (4) Her hands were tied behind her and she was hauled up to the ceiling and suddenly dropped.  (5) The hangman and his helpers went to lunch.  (6) On returning, the master hangman placed a spiked board on her back, pulled her to the ceiling again, then dropped her to the floor. (7) Her toes were put in a thumbscrew and the screw tightened until blood squirted out of her toes. (8) She was pinched with red-hot irons. (9) As she would not confess, the hangman proceeded to an advanced grade of torture.  She was whipped and then put in a vise which was gradually closed on her for the next 6 hours.  (10) She was hung up by her thumbs and flogged.  This was all that was done on the first day.

These were professionals earning a living.  But soon men appeared who developed a mania for torture as others develop a mania for drink or sex. Louis XI of France had his enemies put in iron cages and hung up on the walls of his castle like birds in a cage.  Occasionally he would order them to sing to him and if any refused, he would have a brace of wildcats put in the cage and then light a fire under it. A model of one of his cages is now in the Musee Gravan in Paris. Ferdinand VII, king of Naples, had a Spanish chair (made of iron with a box for hot coals that could be slid under the seat.) That he used to carry around with him on his travels.  He would beg neighboring monarchs to let him torture their prisoners for them.  Later, Ferdinand got an improved model of the Spanish chair that had a second pan that fitted under the prisoners feet and a device for basting them while they cooked.

There was almost no limit to the ingenuity of the torturers or to the grotesque devices they conceived. Jews were hung by their feet from gallows between two vicious dogs who tore and snapped at them. Men were tied by hands and feet to the top of 4 poles and a sharpened stake put under them in case they allowed their bodies to sag.  In Sweden there was the Cave of Roses-a pit full of poisonous snakes, toads, and lizards-which continued until it was closed by Gustavus III in 1772. [81]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I

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The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
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The Atlantic: Young Black Women Are Flocking to Witchcraft in Digital Covens.

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