Student allegedly baked grandparent’s ashes into cookies for class

Furthermore, many of these characteristics, such as the use of ashes of murdered children to make communion bread-were now appearing for the 1st time, and, though they may later have become clichés, they should not be dismissed as such in the 11th century when they had no immediate precedent.

At the beginning of the 11th century 2 eccentric heretics appeared.  Leotard, who lived near Chalons-sur-Marne, was, like Aldebert earlier, an ignorant peasant with peculiar ideas who attracted a considerable following among his peers. In most respects a Reformist, Leutard also expressed even less conventional ideas, such as the notion that a spirit had lodged in his belly in the shape of a swarm of bees.* Thereafter he smashed the crucifix and  sent away his wife. The other heretic, Vilgard of Ravenna, advocated the veneration of the ancient poets and was accused of having been visited by demons in the forms of these writers. Then in 1018-1028 a group of heretics appeared in Aquitaine who were accused of spurning the cross and holding sex orgies.

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