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Burning at the stake was a form of execution for certain other crimes besides witchcraft.  Thus on September 17, 1605, Johnne Jak (alias Scott) for the horrible crime of bestiality was bound to a stake and burnt alive along with the mare which was his partner in crime. [210]

When a criminal had been condemned to be burnt, a stake was erected on the spot specially designed for the execution, and round it a pile was prepared, composed of alternate layers of straw and wood, and rising to about the eheight of a man. Care was taken to leave a free space round the stake for the victim, and also a passage by which to lead him to it.  Having been stripped of his clothes, and dressed in a shirt smeared with sulphur, he had to walk to the centre of the pile through a narrow opening, and was then tightly bound to the stake with ropes and chains.  After this, faggots and straw were thrown into the empty space through which he had passed to the stake, until he was entirely covered by them; the pile was then fired on all sides at once.

Sometimes, the sentence was that the culprit should only be delivered to the flames after having been previously strangled.  In this case, the dead corpse was then immediately placed where the victim would otherwise have been placed alive, and the punishment lost much of its horror. It often happened that the executioner, in order to shorten the sufferings of the condemned, whilst he prepared the pile, placed a large and pointed iron bar amongst the faggots and opposite the stake breast high, so that, directly the fire was lighted, the bar was quickly puyshed against the victim, giving a mortal blow to the unfortunate wretch, who would otherwise have been slowly devoured by the flames.  If, according to the wording of the sentence, the ashes of the criminal were to be scattered to the winds, as soon as it was possible to approach the centre of the burning pile, a few ashes were taken in a shovel and sprinkled in the air. [211]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II

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Slate: Drummond Money-Coutts’ Death by Magic Trailer: Netflix is still encouraging witchcraft..

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