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Another scourge spread by lice, and perhaps also by ticks, was the sweating sickness that swept through the nation, and particularly the armies, in 1485, 1507,1517,1528, and 1551.  It travelled through northern and eastern Europe, reached London in 1528 (causing Henry VIII to retire hastily to Hampton Court and then to various other centres, avoiding the sickness rather as a man avoids a persistent wasp).

John Caius, the eminent physician, has left a memoir of the large great outbreak in 1551: the disease began with a sense of foreboding, then cold shivers, giddiness, headache, and sever pains in the neck.  These shivers lasted an hour or two only before they were suddenly overtaken by heat and violent sweating, delirium, and collapse.  Many sufferers died in as little as 3 hours from the first chill.

Nashe describes the disease as seen through the eyes of the English soldiers:

This sweating sickness, was a disease that a man then might catch and never goe to a hot-house.  Manie masters desires to have such servants as would worke till they sweate again, but in those dayes hee that sweate never wrought againe.  That scripture then was not thought to necessarie, which says, Earne thy living with the sweat of thy browes, for then they earned their dying with the sweat of their browes.  It was inough if a fat man did but trusse his points, to turne him over the pearch:  Mother Cornelius tub why it was like hell, he that came into it, never came out of it.

Cookes that stand continually basting their faces before the fire, were now all cashierd with this sweat into kitchin stuff:  their hall fell into the kings hands for want of one of the trade to uphold it.

Felt makers and Furriers, what the one with the hot steame of their wooll new taken out of the pan, and the other with the contagious hear of their slaughter budge and conie-skinnes, died more thick than of the pestilence:  I have seen an old woman at that season having three chins, wipe them all away one after another, as they melted to water, and left hir selfe nothing of a mouth but an upper chap.  Looke how in May or the heat of Summer we lay butter in water for feare it should melt away, so then were men faine to wet their clothes in water as Diers doo, and hide themselves in welles from the heat of the Sunne.

Then happie was he that was an asse, for nothing will kill an asse but colde, and none dide but with extreme heate.  The fishes called Sea-Starres, that burne one another by excessive heate, were not so contagious as one man that had the Sweate was to another…

From the descriptions left by Caius and Nashe, the sweating sickness seems to have been a particularly violent form of relapsing fever.[23]

Thus, when in 1529 the English sweating disease passed into Germany the Romanists raised their voices and said “that a new religion must necessarily be followed by a new torment of villains.”[24]

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Point Pleasant, NJ Patch: Rare Tick Found In NJ An Emerging Threat, CDC Says In New Study.

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