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Acutely disturbed, agitated patients were admitted to general hospitals in some places, as for example at the Hotel Dieu in Paris.  Some institutions had either separate rooms or a special facility for such patients.  In 1326, a Dollhaus (madhouse) was erected as part of Georgshospital at Elbing, in the domain of the Teutonic Knights.  A Tolkiste (mad cell), is mentioned in the municipal records of Hamburg in 1375.  At Erfurt, the Grosse Hospital, rebuilt in 1385, had a Tolkoben (mad hut), where the insane were locked up.  Such arrangements also existed in England.  In 1403, the Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlem in London had among its nine inmates, six men deprived of reason (mente capti).  General infirmaries usually received the mentally disordered in other parts of the country.  At the end of the 14th century, Holy Trinity (Salisbury) admitted insane patients as well as other sick people.  At Paris, mentally deranged patients at the Hotel-Dieu were placed in beds that were enclosed and had two windows through which the patient could be observed and things handed to him.  Patients placed in ordinary beds were attached to them by strong bonds.  Mentally disordered persons were also sent to places of detention such as the Chatelet of Melun, south of Paris.

Not infrequently the insane were whipped before being transported.  This seems to have been the practice in Basel in the 14th century.  Instances known from other communities indicate that whipping was a punishment for behaviour considered outrageous, malicious, or sacrilegious.  As a rule those who had been expelled and then returned were flogged out of town.  In 1451, a madman who had cursed the Host was whipped out of Frankfurt a.M. Flogging for outrageous behaviour in church is also described in Thomas More’s Dialogue of Cumfurt of 1533.  A lunatic who often disturbed religious services, especially at the elevation of the Host, by lifting the skirts of praying women, was seized at More’s order and flogged until the lesson “was beaten home. For he could then very well rehearse his faults himself, and speak and treat very well, and promise to do afterward as well.”

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II

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