Mystery ‘Dogman’ Beast Shot in Montana Was Just a Gray Wolf, DNA Shows

I don’t know about a ‘Dogman’ but I can tell you a thing or 2 about European Werewolfism and The Lycanthropic Arts. In our current location of America the Werewolf has been caricaturized in a cartoonish/mythical format that really doesnt pierce the psyche to have a potentiality in being real. The Court trials, yes I did say court trials of Old Europe, will give you a different inquisitiveness on scenarios as such. Between 1600 – 1700 throughout all of Europe over 10,000 people were killed by wolves. The descriptions given by many courts from many different regions over the span of 500 years paint a picture of wolves with advanced abnormal intelligence compared to regular wolves. There are many descriptions of superior sizes and heightened senses when contrasted with other wolves. We must take into heed that during these times, people had a closer relations with and observation of animals, to know when there was danger near or sickness. For a man to turn into a wolf by a full moon is a modern phenomena. The Original way for a man to turn into a Werewolf was done by him receiving a belt made of Human skin or a shirt given to him by the Devil. Turning into a Werewolf is Ancient Greece required a far greater grotesque ritual. Rome was nurtured by Mother Wolf and her she wolves were prostitutes known as Lupanars. The real Werewolf of today is the ravaging energy and spirit thats comes with Alcohol.

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