#MustRead Video of Your Local Witch – Woman Found in Street Babbling about God & Witchcraft

In this video found on Facebook you will see a woman who stopped traffic.  The reason why she stopped traffic is obviously due to her insanity.  This video is very important relative to mental health, the times and culture we are in.  This level of insanity is documented worldwide and throughout all time periods. Please understand that the majority of history states that these situations were met with a public burning. But, when compared and contrasted thoroughly we will see that the Medieval Times of Old Europe were definetly unique in this respect.  The way this woman is talking in this video is the exact form and style of babble that Witches spoke in the olden times.  This is well documented in the court trials of several witches all throughout Europe from the span of 1450 -1750.  Even though the first witch burning occurred in the early 1200’s in Orleans, France.  There was a gap before it got serious.

This is obviously a high level of neurosis that this woman is experiencing.  The major question is how did it get this way?  In Old Europe a woman faced hell everyday.  The majority of women underneath noble status which was at least 75-80% of the population, faced extreme prostitution everyday usually starting at the age of 12-15.  By the age of 30 they were casted out and ignored if not married. This is only if she did not end up with a street gang or work as an apprentice in many different fields such as sewing, button making, dyeing, tapestry and similar arts.  The other 20% who were the daughters of higher social status’s still faced the mentality of meeting the mans sexual demands.  I state all of this because the woman in the video is a victim of alot of sexual activity that occurred most likely underneath the guise of religion. In Medieval times lead poisoning would also be a factor for this high level incoherency.

Her form of talk would have lead her to the stake immediately during the Dark Ages. She isnt sane enough for the question/torture, but then again due to her repetitive talk of religion, it could be a possibility.  The local witch hunts which were different than the Inquisition had different but also similar style of approaching these situations. If met with an Inquisitor she would have attended the next Auto de Fe (Act of Faith), which was a round up burning of usually anywhere from 10 – 600 in a day.   Her form of talking was considered to be the casting of a spell.  Usually, women of this level of insanity would have to live in the woods.  This Archetype is found in the Hansel & Gretel story.  The symbols in that story of attempted cannibalism and other elements are a compilation of activity and stories that did happen in Old Europe.

How will modern society respond? Who knows! Our modern day understanding of social activity is not the same as the yesteryear for many reasons.  Our English language is saturated and fully structured off of witchcraft & cuckold terminology.  But, these words and social classifications were extracted from dictionaries and our intelligence over time. For instance, the cat lady or a hoarder, who is usually a woman, would’ve been taken to the stake immediately in the Medieval times.  Now a days we just look at them and laugh or create a TV show about it.  When in actuality they are both a disturbance and threat to our everyday health & progression. These type of individuals and the environments in which they live are an Atom Bomb of the Plague. Mark my word.

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