Mum who slashed baby’s throat to walk free – Kidspot

Lately, there has been alot of infanticide cases. There are alot of environmental reasons this occurs. The root reasoning is usually neglect of many different types in relation to her community and beauty attraction. Metaphysically and in Witchcraft a mother who kills her own child has initiated herself to be a witch. The standard social of today doesn’t understand this as these principles come from European culture. This does not remove it from being applicable to all. Basically, were talking about the honorable line of responsibility defined by love and hate. A woman who is irresponsible and hateful will kill her child in blind rage. This blind rage may come from an insanity that was implented thru tragic events usually sexual occurring since a child. Hence, her murderous view on life and the internal demons/voices plaguing her mind. There are also women who havd been thru a similar walk in life who became loving mothers later on. The chances are slim though, all depending on circumstance. A womans internal desire for beauty can also be considered a vice encouraging insanity. Not only from the self centeredness and alteration of her natural status, but we must also include the chemicals that are the ingredients of the makeup. Hair dye, lipstick, and eyeliner all have high amounts of lead poisoning in them. Mascara is an old latin word for witch and is made of a witch ingredient; bat guano.

The insanity and lack of respect coming from women today maybe warranted and it also may not be. It could be coming from makeup, media influences, or health conplications and the diet. Either way it goes an unloving woman can only be a witch, a black (nonracial) witch at that. These type of women aim to kill both child and man whether that be immediate or to take forever.

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