Mom deemed incompetent to stand trial in child ‘ritual sacrifice’ case

Baby Eating Cases

  • In 1404, Paris (a): report by prevot that bodies hanged on gibbets and bodies of stillborn babies were being stolen; persons responsible were suspect of witchcraft; not clear whether judicial proceedings ensued. [216]
  • In 1455, Edolo (Val Camonica): Unspecified number of witches accused by inquisitor, who requested aid of secular authority; had allegedly rejected sacraments, immolated children, adored devil. [217]
  • In 1459, Andermatt: Kattryna Simon beheaded by municipal court for diabolism, sorcery (causing avalanches, inflicting illness, inflicting death on animals and infants), and transformation of self into animal.[218]
  • In 1461, diocese of Lausanne (a): Woman burned by ecclesiastical court for diabolism and sorcery (killing children). [219]
  • In 1467, Rome: Fraticelli tried for holding nocturnal orgies and making sacramental powder from ashes of children.
  • In 1467, Biel: Man tried by secular court for diabolism and sorcery (weather magic; infliction of death, stillbirth, and illness upon men; infliction of harm on animals). [220]



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