Mecca’s Grand Mosque, the World’s Holiest Muslim Site, Is Under Attack by Locusts Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I

874 A.D. France, the heat of summer and long duration caused the pastures to dry up and this resulted in a shortage of grains. As a result of the famine and plague in France, one third of the population was swept away.  In 874, a plague of ugly, deformed locusts ate up the fields in France. They had six feet and two teeth harder than stone. So numerous were they, that they darkened the sun. In one day and night they eat up all greens and trees. But strong winds drove them into the sea where they drowned. The waves cast their bodies ashore where the putrification proved fatal to many. So that by famine and plague, a third part of the people died. The long summer of 874 in Western Europe produced a long drought that was so great that it destroyed the hay and grains. The summer of 874 in the north of Western Europe was long and dry. This cruel drought consumed the hay and corn [grains]. Paris, France suffered again from famine.  [The source list this event in the year 873] Winter of 874 / 875 A.D. Cold weather brought great frost to Scotland from November to April. The winter thaw produced floods. In the year 874, the Rhine and the Meuse rivers remained frozen for a long time and were accessible to pedestrians. In the year 874, the winter in Gaul [Western Europe] was so long and so strong in frost and snow, that as the chronicles of St. Denys records, “No man who lived at that time had seen such a severe winter.” The winter lasted from September to March. The snow fell in such a large quantity that the forests had become inaccessible and as a result people could procure no wood. The earth was covered with snow for five months and the effects of this winter were very disastrous. The domestic animals, especially the horses died in great numbers, as did many people from the cold. The famine and the diseases that followed this winter snatched up, according to the chronicles of Fulda, a third of the population there [Bavaria]. Italy felt similar effects of the snow and the cold. The winter of 875 was sharper and longer than ordinary. The Earth was covered with snow and ice from November to the vernal equinox [around March 20/21].  [Another account places this winter in 873.] In 873, in Western Europe, frost and snow continued without interruption from November 1st until the spring equinox. [10]

There were capital punishments inflicted by secular tribunals upon pigs, cows, horses, and other domestic animals as a penalty for homicide; the latter were judicial proceedings instituted by ecclesiastical courts against rats, mice, locusts, weevils, and other vermin in order to prevent them from devouring the crops, and to expel them from orchards, vineyards, and cultivated fields by mean of exorcism and excommunication.  Animals, which were in the service of man, could be arrested, tried, convicted and executed, like any other members of his household; it was, therefore, not necessary to summon them to appear in court at a specified time to answer for their conduct, and thus make them, in the strict sense of the term, a party to the prosecution, for the sheriff had already taken them in charge and consigned them to the custody of the jailer.  Insects and rodents, on the other hand, where were not subject to human control and could not be seized and imprisoned by the civil authorities, demanded the intervention of the Church and the exercise of its supernatural functions for the purpose of compelling them to desist from their devastations and to retire from all places devoted to the production of human sustenance. [225]

Animals were allowed to have lawyers-even insects. The insects (usually fleas, lice, or locusts) had to be given 3 days’ notice before the trial and some representatives brought into court, duly notified, and then freed so they could warn the others.  The main issue during the trial was whether the animals were simply obeying the will of God (“I will send wild beasts among you which shall destroy you and your cattle and make you few in number”) or whether they had criminal intent.  This was always a difficult matter to prove. [226]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I



The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
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