Mary Magdalene: who was she and was she really a prostitute? Why do people believe the myth that she was a sinner? – History Extra

Picture Above: The Actual Skull of Mary Magdalene

The stereotype of the whore has been an overt psychological problem for males who are sexually inadequate or inexperienced.  This stereotype also brings problems to the male understanding of ownership and trust.  In which overtime ownership and trust is orchestrated with paper and pen and not human decision.  A whore is mysterious as the beauty of a woman can bring confusion to a males mind.  The concept of happiness is what both men and women want to achieve.  It is hard for a male to tell if a woman is happy, if she is not overtly excited.  For instance, a womans vagina always stays wet, how does a man know if shes achieved an orgasm or not.  One reason why cunt is the root word to cunning.  So to guarantee that she does achieve orgasm man makes toys, puts her toes to her ears and make sure shes squirting everywhere.  Now we know.  The element of “the whore” resides in all women and all women want to let her show her face every now and again.  You must understand that at all times women are respresentations of and channel the outerspace realms, this is all women of all ages and races.  The Black Venus, Mary, Madonna, Magdelene is just the mother to them all, each one representing a different variation relative to the time period.

The most important of the 3 Marys to disembark at what was then still the Isle of Ratis, on whose acropolis Artemis, Isis and Cybele had been worshipped since the 4th century BC, was St. Mary Magdalene, whose cult is intertwined with that of another repentant harlot, St. Mary the Egyptian.  Now, at Orleans, where there is an ancient cult of the Magdalen, St. Mary the Egyptian was one of the titles of the Black Virgin.  If there is some mystery linking Isis, Egypt, Mary the Egyptian, Mary Magdelene and the Black virgin, in what way does it involve the Prieure?  Kings often claim illustrious ancestry: the Mikado is the son of Heaven; the British royal line is descended from the gods of the north and the heroes of troy; the founder of the Ethiopian Empire was the son of the Queen of Sheba and Solomon.[526]

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