KTRK-TV: Baby found dead in swing reportedly ‘died of diaper rash,’ says prosecutor in dad’s murder trial Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I Coupon Code for 33% Off: THANKSGIVING

December 6th., 1580. Anna Strolin of Grefenberg, a murderess, who with premeditation, murdered and slew her own child, a boy of 6 years of age, with a chopper. She was minded to murder the other 4 children, but they moved her pity, so that she desisted.  Beheaded with the sword at Nuremberg. [173] In 1580: A woman, who murdered her own infant, beheaded. [174]

November 17th, 1584 Anna Freyin, a clothworker of Nuremberg. Having brought forth a child by a cutler called Ambrosius (she having formerly been married); the child being a boy and 2 years old, she threw it in the well by the Franciscan Church and drowned it, afterwards going to the prison voluntarily. Beheaded with the sword here. [175]

Year 1590: July 7th. Margaret Schwamberger of Arletzhofen, a peasant-girl, who having borne a child by Contz Kerlin of Great Mainfallen, murderously stabbed it with a knife in the left breast; she also cut its throat and cast its body into a manure pit. She was arrested at Mainfallen and beheaded at Felden. Her head was fixed to the gallows.[176]

May 17th. Dorothea Meulin of Fischstain, a country girl who gave birth to a child 2 years ago, fourteen days before Candlemas, at night, in the garden of her employer, a farmer at Obernhaydelbach. She stopped its mouth with earth, and making whole with her hand, buried it while it was still struggling. Recently gave birth to another child in a cow-shed and hid it under the straw, thinking to smother it, but the farmer’s wife arrived, found it, and rescued it. Beheaded with the sword for these crimes at


June 26th. Susannah Ritlin of Regenstauff, a servant, who had a child by a nail-maker. When she gave birth to it secretly she wrung its neck, put it in a pot and threw it down a privy and into the river Pegnitz. Beheaded here as a favour. [177]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I

Coupon Code for 33% Off: THANKSGIVING

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KTRK-TV: Baby found dead in swing reportedly ‘died of diaper rash,’ says prosecutor in dad’s murder trial.

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