KTLA Los Angeles: 20-Month-Old Mississippi Girl Found Dead in Oven Was Stabbed, Burned: Sheriff

Charges of perversion were brought in the East against the Euchites, Messalians, Paulicians, and Bogomils over a time span stretching from the 7th in the 11th century.** About 1050, the Byzantine theologian Michael Psellos argues that the Euchites or Messalians murdered children and prepared food from their ashes, that the heretics revered Satanael, a son of God who fell from heaven, and that the heretics practiced sexual orgies, Psellos’ description is similar to those of Paul of Saint-Pere de Chartres and Adhemar de Chabannes, both of whom dealt with the events at Orleans.*** In both Psellos and the Western accounts, the children conceived during the orgies are cremated and made into food; in both, the orgies follow the extinction of the lights.

**The Euchites were accused of eating feces in honor of the Devil, they went at night to rites presided over by a black man, and they were attended by hordes of demons.  In a village called Tondray near Manzikert are heretics speaking Armenian who are neither Christians, Saracens, nor Jews. They worship the sun, and twice a year they assemble in a humble home at night. No lights are kindled, and they engage in indiscriminate intercourse. The children begotten during these revels are slain and burnt, their ashes then being added to food as a sacred ingredient. The Christian Armenians abhorred these heretics “like demons.”

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KTLA Los Angeles: 20-Month-Old Mississippi Girl Found Dead in Oven Was Stabbed, Burned: Sheriff.

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