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Another ceremony much practised on Halloween, is that of the Three Dishes or Luggies.  Two of these are respectively filled with clean and foul water, and one is empty.  They are ranged on the heart, when the parties, blindfolded, advance in succession, and dip their fingers into one.  If they dip into the clean water, they are to marry a maiden; if into the foul water, a widow; if into the empty dish, the party so dipping is destined to be either a bachelor or an old maid.  As each perso takes his turn, the position of the dishes is changed.

The ceremonies above described are all of a light sportive description, but there are others of a more weird like and fearful character, which in this enlightened incredulous are have fallen very much into desuetude.  One of these is the celebrated spell of eating an apple before a looking glass with the view of discovering the inquirers future husband, who it is believed will be seen peeping over her shoulder.

Grany’s warning as by no means a needless one, as several well authenticated instances are related of persons who, either from the effects of their own imagination, or some thoughtless practical joke, sustained such severe nervous shocks, while essaying these Halloween spells, as seriously to imperil their health.

Another of these, what may perhaps be termed unhallowed, rites of All Hallows Eve, is to wet a shirt sleeve, hang it up to the fire to dry, and lie in bed watching it till midnight, when the apparition of the individual’s future partner for life will come in and turn the sleeve.

Other rites for the invocation of spirits might be referred to, such as the sowing of hemp seed, and the winnowing of three wechts of nothing, i.e., repreating three times exposing corn to the wind.  In all of these the effect sought to be produced is the same the appearance of the future husband or wife of the experimenter.  A full description of them will be found in the poem of Burns, from which we have already so largely quoted. It may here be remarked, that popular belief ascribes to children born on Halloween, the possession of certain mysterious faculties, such as that of perceiving and holding converse with supernatural being.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III

Coupon Code for 33% Off: CHRISTMAS


The Untold History of The White Races Cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
585 pages 720 pictures
Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III is divided into 2 parts. The First part of this volume goes over The Catholic Church’s history during the Dark Ages & Medieval Times.  These are a some of the things that are discussed: The Castrati (Castrated Boy Choir), Holy Blood & Organs, Jesus’s Holy Prepuce (Foreskin), The Penance & Anathema, The Fish Bishop, Saints that Levitate, The Incorruptible Saints, The Nun Manias, All Religious Holidays explained, The Heretics: The Luciferians, The Spanish Inquisition. The Second half of this book is a focus on the art of the times.  These are the subjects reviewed: Monsters & Gargoyles, Castles & Knight Armory, More on Medicine & Magic, More on Werewolves, Demons & Hell, Over 100 Different Black Madonnas &  Moorish Saints, The Catacomb Bone Churches, The Bejewelled Saints, Aliens, Astrology & Alchemy………………….

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