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The winter of 1683-84 was severe in Europe. There was very severe cold in Paris, France from 11 to 17 January. During those seven days, the alcohol decreased in the bulb [alcohol thermometer] down to a point where it had not yet reached during other winters. The academics timed how long it would take wine to freeze in the open. It took 10-12 minutes time. There was an extraordinary amount of snow in the south [southern France]. The effects of the cold were very significant, especially in England. At London, the River Thames was during a large part of this time frozen so strong that huts and booths were erected on the ice and a market was held there for 14 days. From 9 January, they drove across the ice on the River Thames by carriages and wagons and in all directions the same as on the mainland. A bullfight and a foxhunt were organized on the river, and White Hall roasted a whole ox on the ice. On the shores of England, France, Flanders and Holland, the sea was frozen a few miles wide in such a way that for more than 14 days, boot packages could not enter the ports on or off. Most birds were killed; in the next summer we saw none. In the woods, many oak trees burst. The frost destroyed almost all the plants and the hopes of the peasants. Several people were victims of the violent cold weather. As a result in the main streets of London large piles of wood were lit so that the inhabitants who were forced to flee their homes could warm up. In Holland and Belgium in February and March, all the rivers were frozen over. [44]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I

Coupon Code for 33% Off: THANKSGIVING


The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
525 pgs + 163 pix = 1,000s of FACTS!


Kicked Out Of Heaven Vol. I: The Untold History of The White Races; cir. 700-1700 a.d. is a 3 volume series that details everything about European society and mentality. In this edition you will find these facts: 100 pound hail stones, Sex in The Streets, Cuckolds in Poems Molly Houses, The Orders of Beggars, Torture, Medicinal Cannibalism, Food: Black Puddings & Eel Pie, Bathed Once a Year, Bloodthirsty Knights, Government Sanctioned Prostitution, Infants fed wine, Cross Dressing Men, Gang Raping Teenagers, Incest Marriages, Insane Kings & Queens, The Bastard Children, Condoms, Dildos, & Birth Control & A Long List of Infanticide. There’s Many Many More Odd Facts Inside!

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