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In 1564, Guy de la Fontaine, physician to the king of Navarre, described to the French physician, Ambroise Pare, how a Jewish merchant who traded in mummified corpses “marveled that the Christians, so daintily mouthed, could eat the bodies of the dead.” These reported words highlight how easy it is to co-opt the practice of corpse pharmacology into a discourse of cannibalism and its metaphorical usefulness for describing the excessive and transgressive appetites of consumerism, a figuring that gains enormous potency when the human body itself is the commodity.  If Pares report is true and these are in fact the words of a Jewish merchant engaged in the medical corpse trade, they turn upside down popular fantasies of Jews as cannibalistic bogeymen who, according to one version, devoured Christian babies. Regardless of who made the statement, its rhetorical import reveals that the cannibalistic implications of the medical corpse market proved irresistible to an English cultural imagination already caught up in the fantasy of humans eating other humans.  As others have argued, a strong preoccupation with cannibalism existed in the English imagination, and English children were socialized in the nursery with fears of being eaten by malevolent beings. According to Pare de la Fontaine investigated the warehouse of one of the largest Jewish traders in mummy.

Shown a large pile of bodies, the physician inquired about the source and asked for further information about the ancient embalming and burial practices. The merchant laughed at his naivete and informed the physican that he had himself prepared the bodies , between 30 and 40 in number, during the last 4 years.  The bodies, now mumia, had been those of slaves and other dead person, young and old, male and female, which he had indiscriminately collected. The merchant cared not what diseases had caused the deaths since when embalmed no one could tell the difference.[261]

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KABC-TV: ‘CAN WE KILL HER’: Authorities arrest Texas man accused of wanting to cannibalize girl.

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