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Servants and children alike were subject, in law, to the podestas puniendi of the head of the family; they could be beaten and starved and even sent to prison at his caprice. (We have already quoted Ser Lapo Mazzei’s injunction to the manager of the branch where his son was employed: “Beat him like a dog, and put him in prison, as if he were your own.”) In practice, however, as these letters testify, both children and servants were often impertinent and disobedient with complete impunity-and at all times singularly out spoken and, in the modern sense of the word, familiar.[19]

In 1777 a 14yr old was condemned to the stake for counterfeiting.  Her master had sent her out several time to steal for him but the girl had returned empty-handed.  She received such murderous beatings that at last, frantic with pain, she had whitewashed some farthings and tried to pass them off as shillings.  Another girl was brought to the gallows whose master had beaten her so severly that her slip (her only garment) was embedded in the raw flesh of her back and the hangman couldn’t get it loose.  Another child was found tied in her masters outhouse with her head so badly swollen from his blows she was unable to talk.[20]

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