Ireland says Church ‘should pay’ to address baby deaths

The 15th century saw the trial and execution of one of the most notorious and cold-blooded torturers of all time, to wit, Gilles de Rais, Marshal of France, a plutocrat of his day and an extensive landowner, compatriot and accomplice of Joan of Arc.  In secret, the man was a sadist, a murderer, and a practitioner of Black Magic.  He sacrificed children to the devil after putting them to unspeakable tortures.  Acting under the Marshals’ s instructions, his servants kidnapped children of all ages and both sexes.  For years nothing was suspected.  In fact, it was not until de Rais crossed the path of the Church authorities that rumour got busy, and inquiries were made, culminating in his arrest, in the October of 1440.  Various allegations have been made as to the number of his victims, and no doubt there has been a good deal of exaggeration, but the Marshal, under threat of torture, admitted that he had murdered 140 children.  He was hanged on October 26, 1440.

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