International Business Times: Man Beheads Woman On Witchcraft Suspicion Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I Kindle: $30.00 @Amazon:

Margaret Hornlein of Bruck, who harboured her husband together with Knau and Weisskopff, the above-mentioned robbers and thieves; was also accessory to the murder of the newly-born children who were killed in her house, and gave all the men food so that they might not inform about anything- put to death by drowning.[165]

The Saxon and Danish kings executed criminals by hanging, beheading, and drowning.  Drowning seemed to be a favorite method.  Many kings maintained a special drowning pit, and as late as the reign of King John (1166-1216), the owner of Baynard’s Castle, London, had the right to drown criminals in the Thames. [166]

Horrible as were these punishments, they were not the worst inflicted. In 1392 a man who had murdered his mother is said to have been boiled to death in a cauldron of oil; and til 1513 some criminals, and the majority of adulterous women, were buried alive; but in the year, because of the dreadful scenes witnessed at an execution of this kind, drowning replaced it as a punishment, for which method beheading was afterwards substituted when women were concerned. [167]

In 1623 11 Gypsy women were condemned to be drowned at Edinburgh in the Nor’ Loch. On the 11th May, 1685, Margaret M’Lachlan, aged 63 years and Margaret Wilson, a girl of eighteen years, were drowned in the waters of Blednoch, for denying that James VII of Scotland was entitled to rule the Church according to his pleasure.  On August 25th 1679 Janet Grant was tried for theft and pleaded guilty. Shew as sentenced to be drowned.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I Kindle: $30.00


The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.

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International Business Times: Man Beheads Woman On Witchcraft Suspicion.

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