In Greece, Fires Kill Dozens, Driving Some Into the Sea – The New York Times

Well, this should be nothing new but I’m sure it was forgotten. During the Medieval times random fires were common. They were so common that the majority of painting about everyday life or even the fantasy visions of Heironymus Bosch always had a town burning in the background. In some areas it was a civil duty for the walking prostitute to assist in putting out any fires for protection from the executioner and his assistants.

I’d like to compare this to our American history where the majority of our major cities went thru a Great Fire. As of today, Northern California is burning up from wildfires. With the current heat wave going on that Japan has declared as a Natural Disaster hopefully we don’t all burn up. Regardless of homes or cities burning down in Old Europe they were very accustomed to fire, anybody could get the stake.

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