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In 1587 Walpurga Hausmannin, a midwife, was tried and burnt at Dillingen. Arrested and tortured, she admitted to having intercourse with the Devil and making pact with him, riding out at night on a pitchfork, trampling on the consecrated host, keeping a familiar named Federlin as a lover, manufacturing hailstorms, and committing a long list of Maleficia relating to her duties as midwife.  She rubbed Anna Hamannin during childbirth with a salve that caused both mother and child to die. She crushed the brain of Dorothea Wachters baby while delivering it. She poisoned the child of Anna Kromt. She rubbed a salve on the son of the Chancellor, giving the boy a hobby horse to ride until he lost his senses and died.  She sucked the blood out of one of the twin children of the publican Kuntz. 43 of these charges of maleficia were combined with the accusations of demon-worship.  The process is simple. A number of children die. The midwife is a lonely and unpopular widow.  Blame for the death is fixed on her and expressed in supernatural terms.  She must therefore be a witch.  But it is well known that all witches fly out at night, make pacts with the Devil, and practice other kinds of demonolatry. Questions about all this are put to her under torture, and in her agony and fear she confesses. The confession again reinforces the accepted image of the witch.  Misfortunes are interpreted as evil deeds, evil deeds are seen as sorcery , sorcery is perceived as witchcraft, and another human being is tortured and killed.

Some contemporaries recognized the injustice. In 1563, Johann Weyer wrote a treatise on Magic, which argued that witches are really harmless old women suffering from mental disorders and that most alleged cases of witchcraft are really susceptible of natural explanations.  But Jean Bodin and other intellectual leaders hastened to refute this voice of moderation, accusing Weyer himself of being a witch, and arguing that that similarilty of the confessions proved of being a witch, and arguing that the similarity of the confessions proved the fact that the sabbat was always and everywhere identical.  A little later, in 1602, henri bouget wrote in his Discours des sorciers that he wished that all witches should be ‘united in one single body , so that they might all be burned at once in a single fire.’ This mania, this eagerness to torture and kill human beings, persisted for centuries. Perhaps we put

the wrong question when we ask how this could be. The past half-century has witnessed the Holocaust, the Gulag

Archipelago, the Cambodian genocide, and secret tortures and executions beyond number. The real question is why periods of relative sanity, such as those from 700 to 1000 and from 1700 to 1900, occur.[303]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II

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HuffPost: Opinion | 2018 Was The Year American Women Embraced Their Inner Witch.

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