Grim Reaper Stands Over The Golden Gate Bridge

Now,  this is peculiar.  The Grim Reaper isn’t that big and he doesn’t wear red. Even though he/she where’s it well. My theory on Death is that its Androgynous as the Death Angel of Religion is. But, due to modern day intelligence I will refer to Death as a she. Death is a caricature nonetheless, we all have to meet the reality of Death.  It is wise to give Death a persona.  The reason for this persona is a reminder of where we have to go and hopefully it will enforce us to treat each other with common courtesy. With that being stated I definitely don’t want her to be categorized as a Fear tactic. Shes only a collector of the souls.

All cultures of old understood Death as some form of Gate usually with an entity who was considered a Gate Keeper and/or a Host to Hell.  All Dimensions have a Gate Keeper or some form of Rite to enter.   But, lets talk about how our modern day caricature of Death was created.  She stems from Medieval times around the 1400’s after the The Black Death that took out 75-200 million throughout all of Europe.  There was a lot of random  experiences that enforced Europeans to embody the plague and death into a caricature.  At first Death did not wear a monkish type executioner cloak.  She was nude, as a male, the skin flapping on the bones in the wind as he was disemboweled, usually seen with the Scythe and a sheet.  The skin flapping in the wind is definitely a sign of movement as death would be seen riding a horse or on top of a carriage in the wind.  The phraseology of “Catch Me in The Whirl Wind” is witchcraft language which may have energy related to the swiftness of death but it is directly related to a witches soul being collected to be taken to hell.  Being disemboweled which was the standard torture consequence for a traitor symbolizes the bottom line of human expiration.  Hence, humans cannot live without the internals, the offal, the stench which is the basis of natural human pain coming from sickness, so in essence Death is at peace.

In many paintings death is black or gray.  Ive only seen one or two where death was white.  In Medieval times before the plague, the color of death was blue.  The blue and black references come from the rigamortis process of decomposing which made the Europeans appear blue.  It merged to black overtime because of the plagues.  From Ergot, to Typhus, to Buboes and I will even throw in Dysentry, the people witnessed everything turn black literally.  Ergot and Typhus rots the toes and hands to a blackness.  The Buboes of the black plague which are documented to be at the size of apples carried black puss.  The Body would rot to the color of black in less than 24 hours and the person would still be alive.  The rate of decomposition was very extreme. Not only this but the plague pits and also the blaming of the Muslims as being the bringers of the plague by flinging body parts of dead soldiers over the city walls. Brought an extreme alert to anything black in the Europeans mind as immediately meaning death or the bringer thereof.  The cloaks of the executioners and their masks was black as well.  As he was the introducer of death to many criminals and also the collector of their souls.  It was only fitting to award Death the attire of the executioner combined with the attire of the humble, silent monk. As the skeleton will always been us Death will always be with us.  No need to be afraid people. You’ll only meet after meeting the pain from humans.  Oh Yeah, I forgot to tell you Shes a hell of a Salsa Dancer.

Death is well documented in Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II


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