France just acknowledged using torture in Algeria. Here are searing photos from that war.

Excerpt from the book Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I

The climax of French torture came with the public execution of Damien, who tried to assassinate

Louis XV. Louis sent to neighboring monarchs to get ideas for Damien’s manner of death.  Everyone submitted suggestions. Meanwhile Damien was kept strapped to an iron bed to prevent him from committing suicide but he managed to bite off his tongue, hoping to bleed to death.  Future antics of this nature were prevented by pulling his teeth.

Finally a procedure for his execution was arranged. Damien was drawn on a hurdle to the scaffold, torn with red-hot pincers, broken on the wheel (but not killed), his fingers and toes crushed, and then 4 horses were tied to his arms and feet and driven in opposite directions while the executioner dropped sealing wax on his body. Damien was shouting at the top of his lungs and La Condamine, who was deaf, asked a friend what Damien was saying.  The friend replied, “I can’t repeat it; he’s using horrible language.”

“Well he has reason to,” remarked La Condamine.  As the horses were unable to pull him apart, the drivers laid on their whips.  A pretty girl in the grandstand burst into tears. “Oh those brutes, they’re hurting the poor horse!” she wept.  Finally the executioner had to use a knife to quarter Damien while still alive.  George Selwyn, an English dandy who never missed an execution, hurried to France solely to watch the fun.  He was late in arriving and the crowd was so great he couldn’t get a front row seat. But the executioner, recognizing him, shouted, “Let the gentleman through, friends. He’s a noted English amateur.” The crowd obligingly parted and let George up close. Casanova, the famous lover, attended the execution and the sight made him sick, although the 2 girls he had with him loved every second of it. [119]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I


The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
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