Fox News: ‘Vampire’ child discovered buried in 5th century Italian cemetery

In ancient Ireland the Vampire was generally known as Dearg-dul, “red blood sucker,” and his ravages were universally feared.  Irish hagiographical lore vividly portrays various burial customs. To be interred under a cairn of stones is regarded as heathenish, doubtless since such a pile marked haunted places.  In a letter ascribed to Theodoret, Epistle lxxx, it is said:  “Let every one throw a stone on his grave, lest perchance . . . he return to earth,” and Geoffrey of Monmouth clearly looked upon sepulture in a howe or barrow as purely pagan.  The embalming of a body was so ethnic a practice that the effect thereof must be loosed and undone by saying mass before the remains can be laid in consecrated earth.  This, no question, is connected with the idea so prevalent in Greece that a body which does not corrupt in the grave is bound by a curse or excommunication.  On the other hand we also find among the histories that incorruption is regarded as a sign of virginal chastity and holiness.  But in Eyrbyggjasaga, xxxiv, when folk were terrified at the “walkings: of the dead Thorolf they go to his cairn, and break it open to find his corpse fresh and undecayed. This is a clear touch of vampirism. [88]

The following document was guaranteed by Monsieur de Vassimont, a councillor of the Confederation of Bar in Podolia, who had been sent as an envoy to Moravia by his Royal Highness Leopold I, Duke of Lorraine, in order to conduct certain businesses on behalf of his brother, Prince Charles Joseph of Lorraine, Bishop of Olmutz and Osnabruck and later Archbishop of Treves (1698-1715). Monsier de Vassimont was generally informed that in those districts it was no unusual thing to see men who had been dead for some long time suddenly appear in the midst of a general assembly, and that not infrequently they entered a room and took their place at table with friends or acquaintance, that they never uttered a word, but that some sign either with the head of the hand was given to one of those present and that this person almost certainly died not very many days later. These extraordinary phenomena were vouched for by many very respectable individuals, and amongst others by an aged rector who declared that he had actually witnessed more than one instance of this.[89]

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Fox News: ‘Vampire’ child discovered buried in 5th century Italian cemetery.

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