Fox News: Seattle homeless crisis: Historic cemetery overrun with drugs and prostitution amid worsening problem Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I Paperback Now in Color $90.00

Philip Augustus felt obliged to surround a large cemetery, much favoured by prostitutes for their diversions, with a high wall, so as to protect the peace of the dead. But he was less successful with what went on in the extensive ruins of the Baths of Julian (now the Boulevard Saint-Michel), about which he could do nothing whatever.  Nevertheless contemporary historians make it quite clear that they preferred the wild young men of Paris to ‘that rightful vice, that poison and plague’ which Jacques de Vitry for instance (1178-1240) denounced. [94]

We know, in fact, that the watch did not usually search the brothel and open the bedroom doors: the sergeants relied on the prostitutes’ word. How many married men frequented their local municipal brothel is hard to tell, but we can get some idea from the following; ‘Matthieu Beauprestre, mason, and J. Desgranges, also a mason, although they are married men and have their wives in this city, are in habit of going publicly, day or night, to the brothel, committing mortal sins [blasphemy] and scorning God, the Holy Church and the State of marriage, and giving a bad example to others.’ With what crime were they charged/ they had gone to the brothel and had stabbed a customer with a dagger

– on 25 May 1466, the feast of Pentecost!

All the same, even if married men could strike a bargain by giving a few extra coins to the abbess of the provost, they were never safe from arbitrary application of the law. A better and cheaper solution was to frequent the bathhouses.  They were not subject to police visits and the girls were younger; furthermore they were safer, since they all had hiding places and more than one exit. Married men went to the bathhouse of La Pecherie in Lyons and that of St. Philiberty in Dijon. Jeavve Saignant preferred to have married men as customers because they paid better.  In fact the average age of her clients was higher than those of the public brothel, and they were often ‘men of estate’ and ‘honourables’.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I

Paperback Now in Color $90.00


The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.

525 pgs + 163 pix = 1,000s of FACTS!

ISBN-13: 978-1792100611

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Kicked Out Of Heaven Vol. I: The Untold History of The White Races; cir. 700-1700 a.d. is a 3 volume series that details everything about European society and mentality. In this edition you will find these facts: 100 pound hail stones, Sex in The Streets, Cuckolds in Poems Molly Houses, The Orders of Beggars, Torture, Medicinal Cannibalism, Food: Black Puddings & Eel Pie, Bathed Once a Year, Bloodthirsty Knights, Government Sanctioned Prostitution, Infants fed wine, Cross Dressing Men, Gang Raping Teenagers, Incest Marriages, Insane Kings & Queens, The Bastard Children, Condoms, Dildos, & Birth Control & A Long List of Infanticide. There’s Many Many More Odd Facts Inside!

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Fox News: Seattle homeless crisis: Historic cemetery overrun with drugs and prostitution amid worsening problem.

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