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The sacrifice of a child was usually performed as a means of procuring certain magical materials or powers, which were obtained by preparing the sacrificed bodies in several ways. Scot says that the flesh of the child was boiled and consumed by the witches, for two purposes. Of the thicker part of the concoction “they make ointments, whereby they ride in the aire; but the thinner portion they put into flaggons, whereof whosoever drinketh, observing certeine ceremonies, immediatelie becometh a maister or rather a mistresse in that practise and facultie.”  The gang of Paris witches confessed that they “distilled” the entrails of the sacrificed child after Guibourg had celebrated the mass for Madame de Montespan, the method being probably that described by Scot. A variant occurs in both France and Scotland, and is interesting as throwing light on the reasons for some of the savage rites of the witches: “Pour ne confesser iamais le secret de l’escole, on faict an sabbat vne paste de millet noir, avec de la pondre du foye de quelque enfant non baptisé qu’on faict secher, puis meslant cette poudre avec ladicte paste, elle a cette vertu de taciturnité: si bien que qui en mange ne confesse iamais.”  At Forfar, in 1661, Helen Guthrie and four others exhumed the body of an unbaptised infant, which was buried in the churchyard near the south-east door of the church, “and took several pieces thereof, as the feet, hands, a part of the head, and a part of the buttock, and they made a pie thereof that they might eat of it, that by this means they might never make a confession (as they thought) of their witchcrafts.”  Here the idea of sympathetic magic is very clear; by eating the flesh of a child who had never spoken articulate words, the witches’ own tongues would be unable to articulate.[214]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II

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Fox News: Man gets life in prison for kidnapping baby cut from womb.

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