Jesus Christ was a WIZARD and Bible is a book of MAGIC, self-styled witches claim Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III $54.00

By the 13th century, Charlemagne’s gift, by this time the “best known foreskin” in Christendom, was on display in the Vatican, according to Leonard B Glick’s book Marked in Your Flesh: Circumcision from Ancient Judea to Modern America. It was stolen when Rome was sacked in 1527, but was eventually found again. Another “renowned foreskin” (Glick again) was displayed once every seven years in a monastery in Charroux. It was lost in the 16th century, during the wars of the Reformation, but was rediscovered in 1856. Glick mentions another in Coulombs, near Chartres – which was taken to England for the marriage of Henry V to Catherine of Valois and placed in their bed on their wedding night as a fertility charm – and more in Belgium, Germany, and Italy. The last known surviving Holy Prepuce resided in Calcata, Italy, until it was stolen in 1983.

Consuming the flesh of Christ was, and remains, an important part of Catholic doctrine – the Catholic Church’s position is that the wafer of the Eucharist literally becomes Jesus’s actual flesh after being eaten. But the Holy Foreskin had (allegedly) always been Jesus’s flesh, and was therefore especially holy (according to Shell), in the same way that the Grail, which had held Jesus’s blood as it dripped from him on the cross, was more holy than the Eucharist wine.

St Birgitta, a Swedish nun, had a vision in which she ate the Foreskin. “So great was the sweetness at the swallowing of this membrane that she felt a sweet transformation in all her members and the muscles of her members,” it says in her book Revelations. More commonly, though, people tasted the alleged Holy Foreskins to verify that they were real. There was an industry, “particularly in the medieval period, throughout Europe, in the production and veneration of holy relics”, says Stavrakopoulou. “Churches could earn a lot of money from pilgrims, who would pay a lot of money to look at these things and touch them and kiss them and everything, so there was a huge industry in forgeries.”

The most accepted test of the veracity of a Foreskin was tasting. Shell says that “A properly trained physician chosen by the local priest would taste the shrivelled leather in order to determine whether it was wholly or partly human skin.” Surgeons who had thus consumed the body of Christ were known as croques prépuces.

Leo Allatius, in his work De Praeputio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Diatriba (A Discussion of the Foreskin of Our Lord Jesus Christ), reportedly said that because Jesus’s body ascended into Heaven, his foreskin must have done too. In G.W. Foote and J.M. Wheeler’s book Crimes of Christianity, the authors say Allatius believed that once in the heavens, the Holy Foreskin expanded to become one of Saturn’s rings.Shell records that relics claiming to be the “sweat, tears, baby teeth, hair, umbilical cord, fingernails, urine, faeces and other bodily excrescences” of Jesus Christ were discovered at various points. “Anything from a saint’s blood to semen, any kind of bodily stuff” could be a relic, says Stavrakopoulou. “Breast milk from the Virgin, that kind of thing.”

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III $54.00

The Untold History of The White Races Cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
585 pages 720 pictures

  • ISBN-10: 1943820074
  • ISBN-13: 978-1943820078
Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III is divided into 2 parts. The First part of this volume goes over The Catholic Church’s history during the Dark Ages & Medieval Times.  These are a some of the things that are discussed: The Castrati (Castrated Boy Choir), Holy Blood & Organs, Jesus’s Holy Prepuce (Foreskin), The Penance & Anathema, The Fish Bishop, Saints that Levitate, The Incorruptible Saints, The Nun Manias, All Religious Holidays explained, The Heretics: The Luciferians, The Spanish Inquisition. The Second half of this book is a focus on the art of the times.  These are the subjects reviewed: Monsters & Gargoyles, Castles & Knight Armory, More on Medicine & Magic, More on Werewolves, Demons & Hell, Over 100 Different Black Madonnas &  Moorish Saints, The Catacomb Bone Churches, The Bejewelled Saints, Aliens, Astrology & Alchemy………………….

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