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The Little Ice Age has been conventionally defined as a period extending from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, or alternatively, from about 1300 to about 1850. [47]

HH Lamb comes to similar conclusions, “there was a greater intensity, and a greater frequency, of intense storm development during the Little Ice Age”, in his book “Historic Storms of the North Sea, British Isles and Northwest Europe”.

Edward Bryant, in the book, “Natural Hazards”, gives us a rundown of some of the biggest storms:

  • Four storms along the Dutch and German coasts in the 13thC killed at least 100,000 each. The worst is estimated to have killed 300,000.
  • North Sea storms in 1099, 1421 and 1446 also killed 100,000 each in England and the


  • By far the worst storm was the All Saints Day flood of 1570, when 400,000 people were killed throughout Western Europe.
  • The Great Storm of 1703 sank virtually all ships in the English Channel, with the loss of 8000 to 10000 lives.

Goodwin Sands…

  • Other storms with similar death tolls occurred in 1634, 1671, 1682, 1686, 1694 and 17
  • Much of the coastline of northern Europe owes its origin to this period of storms. For instance, storms reduced the size of the island of Heligoland from 60km to 1km.
  • The Great Drowning Disaster of 1362 eroded 15km landward of the Danish coast, destroying over 60 parishe
  • The Lucia storm of 1287 carved out the Zuider Z

It was not just flooding that was a problem. There were many sand storms that caused great destruction, such as the great Culbin Sands storm in 1694, which blew so much sand over the Culbin Estate in Scotland, that the farm buildings themselves disappeared. The Estate became a desert and was never reclaimed.

A similar event took place at Forvie, also in Scotland, in 1413 when the town disappeared under a 30m high sand dune.

Lamb also refers to the storms, between 1570 and 1668, which blew millions of tonnes of sand miles inland across the Brecklands of Norfolk and Suffolk, burying valuable farmland. The area has never been recovered, and is now heathland. [48]

‘In (Queen Elizabeth’s) seventh year (1565) on the one and twentieth of December began a Frost, so extreme, that on New-Yeers Even people passed over the Thames on foot; some played at Foot-ball, some shot at pricks, as if it had been firm ground. Yet this great Frost, the third of January at night began to thaw, and by the fifth day, there was no Ice at all to be seen; which sudden thaw caused great Inundations.

As an obstruction, this was at least more pleasant than an occurrence on the Severn, also in Elizabeth’s time:

‘…on the four and twentieth of February, being a great Frose, after a Flood which was not great, there came down the river of Severn such a swarm of Flyes and Beetles, that they were judged to be above a hundred Quarters; the Mills thereabout were damned up with them for the space of four dayes, and were then cleansed by digging them out with Shovells.’ [49]

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