Entertainment Tonight: Stevie Nicks’ Long History With Witchcraft, From ‘Rhiannon’ to ‘AHS: Apocalypse’ Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II Coupon Code for 33% Off: HALLOWEEN

Even in Europe itself, sorcery and witchcraft were continually confounded. A witch or a sorcerer might bear one of the following names; (1) strix, stria, striga, or strigimaga (originally a screech-owl, than a night-spirit and vampire, finally a witch); (2) sortiarius or sortilegus (i.e., a diviner, one who reads the lots [sortes]); (3) masca (occasionally talamasca), associated with the use of animal masks as festivals;* (4) lamia or mama (a vampire)** (5) maleficus (one who does evil magic, maleficium); (6) scobax (from Greek scops, a screech-owl, or Latin scoba, a broom); (7) gazarius (from Catharus, a Catharist heretic),*** waudensis (from Waldensis, a Waldensian heretic); (9) herbarius (an herb-gatherer); (10) pythonissa (prophetess); (11) facture (which seems to derive from the Latin factus and to mean a “maker” of spells); (12) divinatory (diviner); (13) mathematicus (diviner); (14) necromanticus (diviner by corpses, corrupted to nigromanticus); (15) veneficus (preparer of potions, usually poisons); (16) tempestarius (storm-maker); (17) incantatory (enchanter, one who makes incantations); (18) Anglo-Saxon wicce, wicca (one who devines or casts spells; the masculine form of wicca is more common than the femine wicce; (19) German Hexe, deriving from Old High German hagazussa (a night-sprit, cannibal, or sorceress).****

Henry A. Kelly goes so far as to say that “in the context of Christian demonology, witch craft means any human activity attributed to the help of evil spirits. From the theological point of view, there is no difference between witchcraft, sorcery, and magic.”

*The origin of the word masca is uncertain. Jacob Grimm (Teutonic Mythology, III, 1082), derives it from masticare (“to eat”) because the witches were believed to devour children or other illicit food

**Lamia, another common name for a witch in the classical and early medieval periods, is derived from Lamia, the legendary queen of Libya who was beloved by Zeus. Hera, in jealousy, slew her children, and in wild revenge, she roams the world sucking the blood of children and babies.

***Though the popularity of this appellation dates from the time of the Catharists and owes its strength to the association with them, it has its roots in an older etymology-the Hebrew root gaz, meaning “to cut” and relating to the custom of cutting open animals in order to divine from their entrails. Thus the root came to imply magic of any kind.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II

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Entertainment Tonight: Stevie Nicks’ Long History With Witchcraft, From ‘Rhiannon’ to ‘AHS: Apocalypse’.

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