Colorado suspect Chris Watts was cheating, says wife killed daughters

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This is a sad case to hear. But, nonetheless the phenomena of caucasian males killing their wife with joy goes back to Greece. That’s well over 2000 yrs of this type of psyche and its supportive cultural vices infecting the planet. Like they used to say in the Medieval times “The Only Good Wife is a Dead One.”

Theres many reasons for this type of mentality. To be thorough, I’d have to state that the roots of woman and child hatred goes back to the Ice Age caveman periods. Most likey the Paleolithic period. This is proven with bestiality cave paintings found in Wilendorf and other locations. The harsh conditions during this time, inclusive with the Little Ice Age that occured in Europe in the 1300’s, definetily altered the behavior of the people for survival purposes. The social aspects and the activity of sex itsself were changed. Children became unwanted, as they guaranteed burden and nuisance. This allowed infanticide and other forms of sex became the condition overtime.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I


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