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More than once it is reported that the raging peasant roasted noblemen in the presence of their wives and children, and then forced the wives to eat their flesh and ultimately murdered them after the most brutal violation.  There can be no doubt that the Black Death contributed essentially to the general deteriation of morals.  In many places the terrible famine which preceded and followed the plague led to cannibalism.  Children slaughtered their parents, parents their children.  The atrocities during the epidemics of plague in the course of the Thirty Years’ War represent the height of European depravity.  Of the numerous horrible stories one only need be related as an example and which occurred at Wollsin, a village and a half from Lippaen, in the neighbourhood of Stettin, in the year 1638: “In the village of Wollsin there was a man who hitherto had been honest and pious and enjoyed a good reputation, his name was Joachim Burghard.  On account of the great famine, as for some years he was unable to reap any harvest from his farms and fields, he proceeded with 2 sons, Adam and Fritschen, to the little town of Lippaen, telling his wife he was going to town with the 2 boys to get his living; she should make her preparations at home and follow them, as owing to the famine they no longer had any means of preserving their lives.  But as they were so exhausted that their weakness prevented them from reaching the town, and night came upon them too quickly, they stopped at Kleinbroeden, which lies close to the road where a brother of Joachim, Cristoph Burghard, used to live, but who had died of the plague together with his whole family, with the exception of his sisters daughter, who had been living with her cousins and who 4 days before had been delivered of a son.  He greeted the woman and congratulated her on the child, and then with sorrow and weeping he related his distress.  But as according to the statement of the youngest son, in the course of the last 11 weeks they had eaten no bread or proper food, but only roots, and occasionally acorns, which they had only consumed in the greatest necessity as a means of sustaining life, their mental and physical constitution had undergone a change, and their human nature had been converted into that of a wolf.  Thus the above mentioned Burghard stepped up to the miserable bed on which his niece, the daughter of his sister, was lying and addressed her with savage words:  ‘Dear niece, have you nothing for us to eat?  I and my sons must have something today or we can no longer preserve life.” Whereupon the woman who had been lying in for 6 weeks, produced a key and said he should look for himself, but he would find nothing but a few boiled lettuce leaves.  This had been her food from the beginning of her lying in till her delivery.  From the moment that she lay down to the present she had had nothing else to eat.  When he now found that it was really so, he agreed with his 2 sons to kill the sick woman and with her flesh to stave off their hunger.  He and his 2 sons set up a horrible howl and bellow, and he said: “Dear niece pray to our food.’ The sick woman was frightened, but could not hope for help, but said: “Dear uncle, you may eat me, but not my child; I should be starved anyhow; God have mercy on me!’  Hereupon they set upon her with their knives, stabbing her in the throat and the neck with great savagery so she should die soon, as she did without struggling or screaming.  They then cleaned the corpse and cut and scraped the flesh from the bones, and, as they found a small vat containing rocksalt, they pickeled a part of it, another part they ate raw, and yet another slightly roasted, but most of it they took back home, having abandoned their intention of going to the town.  When he reached home, Burghard said to his wife:  ‘Dear wife, I am bringing you some meat; on my way I found a pig, which I slaughtered, and of which I am now bringing you a part.  Perhaps it may be the means of preserving your life.’  The woman, who was also starving, took it greedily, boiled it a little, and ate it.  But because the sick woman was full of plague they all died within 4 days, with the exception of the youngest son, Fredrick Burghard, who subsequently made a statement at Lippaen and died in prison on the 12th day.  The gravediggers were ordered to search the house and found more than half the flesh, which was buried in the churchyard of the same place together with the little child, who was found dead.  And on the 2nd  of June the event was inscribed on a tablet and hung in the church for everlasting memory.”[224]

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CNN: The big one is coming, and it’s going to be a flu pandemic.

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