CNN: Paroldo: The magical Italian village that ‘witches’ call home Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II Paperback Now in Color $90.00

At Simmenthal near Bern, a series of witch trials were held from about 1395-1405, and a number of people were convicted of witchcraft and burnt.** The trials were conducted by the secular courts and the fact that they specify witch characteristics in grat detail suggests again that of the Inquisition’s responsibility in the development of the phenomenon was proportionately less than some have suggested. The witches at Simmenthal were accused of constituting a sect that met at Church on Sunday morning, not for mass, but to worship Satan. There they performed rites including homage to the Devil. They stole children, killed them, and then cooked and ate them, or else they drained them of their juices in order to make ointments. With the ointment, they changed themselves into animals, rendered themselves invisible, or rubbed their bodies in order to obtain the power of flying through the air.[294]

All readers of history are familiar with the celebrated trial of the Marechale D’Ancre, who was executed in Paris in the year 1617. Although witchcraft was one of the accusations brought against her, the real crime for which she suffered was her ascendancy over the mind of Mary of Medicis, and the consequent influence she exercised indirectly over the unworthy King Louis XIII. Her coachman gave evidence that she had sacrificed a cock at midnight in one of the churches, and others swore they had seen her go secretly into the house of a noted witch named Isabella. When asked by what means she had acquired so extraordinary and influence over the mind of the Queen Mother, she replied boldly that she exercised no other power over her than that which a strong mind can always exercise over the weak. She died with great firmness.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II

Paperback Now in Color $90.00


The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.

666 pgs + 196 pix = 1,000s of FACTS!

ISBN-13: 978-1792079764

ISBN-10: 1792079761
Kicked Out Of Heaven Vol. II: The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700-1700 a.d. is a 3 volume series that will be released one by one. This book details everything about European society and mentality.  In this edition you will find these facts:  Alcoholism & The Blue Devils, Insanity & Lead Poisoning, Ergot (LSD) Hallucinations, The Sweating Sickness & Leprosy, The Tobacco Enema & Leeches, The Defloration Mania, The Dancing Mania, The Black Death, The Gravediggers & Body Snatchers, Jews Poisoning the Wells, Millions of Deaths, Folklore & Superstition, Magic Mirrors & Crystal Balls, Witches Dancing in Baby Blood, Pants Made of Human Skin, Necromancy & Ghost Armies, Attacks from The Undead, Lycanthropy & Were-Wolves, Multiple Cases of Vampires, Who is Satan, Lucifer & The Devil!


CNN: Paroldo: The magical Italian village that ‘witches’ call home.

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