CNN: Mother among 4 arrested for attempting to sell babies on Instagram

The fat of roasted dead babies also made a good Piguendo Pagini, according to Grillandus in his Tractatus de Sortilegiis (1536), and diseases so produced were incurable and could cause death.  Witches were assumed to rifle graves for bodies, especially those of children and executed criminals, to use as ingredients in magic potions, powders, and killing ointments.

Crazy Sister Marie de Sains, having heard about Father Gaufridi when visiting Aix-en-Provence, returned to her convent at Lille, her head filled with witchcraft. She told how Gaufridi had made a concoction to cause demoniacal possession, from “sacred hosts and consecrated wine, with powdered goat, human bones, skulls of children, hair, nails, flesh, and wizards semen, with bits of goose, female rat, and brains.”

(Jean Lenormant de Chiremont, Exorcismes de trois Filles possedees, 1623)

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CNN: Mother among 4 arrested for attempting to sell babies on Instagram.

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