CNN: 30 sickened in adenovirus outbreak in New Jersey, including 10 children who have died

The population of Western Europe plummeted between 1400 and 1440.  Waves of pestilence, and above all, recurrences of the plague, had produced catastrophic death rates everywhere.  The epidemic in 1400 was the worst Lille saw during the entire Burgundian period; it wiped out between one-third and one-half of the population Perigueux; it took more than 12,000 victims in Florence.  Contemporaries note that certain of these recurrent waves of plague struck children and young people particularly hard:  the parva mortalitas or 1361-3 had already been dubbed ‘the children’s plague’ in England and Italy alike.  The same was true of the Paris epidemic of 1418, and we know that 2 years later in the small city of Valreas 1/3 of the adults and 3 quarters of the young children died within a few months.  For contemporaries, this long-standing torment appeared as a series of sudden collapses and disasters.  They were fully aware of this precipitous population decline: they gazed on their depopulated cities and saw illustrious families disappear.  The author of a chronicle of Montpellier written in 1395 states, ‘A long time ago the city of Montpellier was a notable city in which there usually were at least 10,000 households.  It is now so reduced that it probably contains scarcely 800.’  The capitouls of Toulouse of the citizens were obliged to lodge in the suburbs….Today it has become most ruinous.’  In 1396 the syndics of Tarascon proposed to fight against the depopulation of their city and ‘the danger of total destruction that may ensue’.  Other examples abound.[205]

An outbreak in 1363-1364, labeled the “children’s plague,” extinguished few households but robbed a great many of infants and young children. Still another outbreak, lingering through the turns of the century, had a similar effect. By the 1420s the surviving population of Prato was top heavy with adults.

Through 1347 and 1348 the original Black Death crept across Europe, reaching Britain in 1349. In the English countryside, recorded mortality in some districts ran as high as 65 percent. The records of a typical village in Leicestershire, Kibworth Harcourt, show a diminution in household size from an average of 5 persons to just under four. Many families disappeared. In some cases whole villages deserted.[206]

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CNN: 30 sickened in adenovirus outbreak in New Jersey, including 10 children who have died.

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