CNET: ‘Kisse myne arse’: Doctor’s notes reveal bizarre medical cases from 400 years ago Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II Paperback Now in Color $90.00

So the white man was kissing the fundament.  LOL.  The Fundament is a word meaning ass, your glutiuous maximus.  This is fucking hilarious.  At the end of the day I have to ask myself why in the hell would white people keep this shit around.  They must like the shit, literally.  Lol.  So when we look at todays porn.  We see much booty activity abroad.  But due to the hygenic practices of the Dark Ages they must’ve been sticking their faces in the real booty, the ancient booty.  Which must have smelled like a combination of land fills from New York and one from Atlanta in the midst of a hot summer on a Tuesday afternoon. So now we can understand why the term “Kiss My Ass” has so much power in today’s usage.  Its origins is based in one of the highest forms of worshipping the devil and is part of the process of initiation and/or signing a pact.

Eating the booty like groceries which is a term that is being used in the African American culture and its sub culture hip hop may have some truth to the matter pertaining to the people who are adhering to the practice and promoting it in comparison with Old European history. Basically European history and Catholic theology states the black man is the devil and now we see he demands for his ass to be kissed, in return for riches that you never receive.  This will be explored later on in the literature as we have other entities besides the witch and her practices to review, before we step in to the realms of hell. During my research I found a more extended definition which states that the act ofanalingus alone regardless of whose receiving and who is giving is one of the highest arcane practices of immorality and is a direct worship of the Devil. With this being a fact, it is now blatantly clear that certain practices on porn inclusive with the social/cultural influence from hip hop of this type of activity, the world is being encouraged to worship the devil without knowing.  Please understand I have found this practice in all Anceint Kingdoms that’s East & West.  I have not found it in the Mexican: Mayan, Toltec kingdoms.  With homosexuality/pedarasty wrapped up into the religious practices of the Incans and Aztecans its safe to assume. Inclusive with the Columbian people who have one of the largest amount of sexual artifacts found in the world I wouldn’t doubt it.  I’ve seen paintings of arabs involved in similar practices of the osculum infame as well as Hindus and it was being practiced on animals as well.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II

Paperback Now in Color $90.00


The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.

666 pgs + 196 pix = 1,000s of FACTS!

ISBN-13: 978-1792079764

ISBN-10: 1792079761
Kicked Out Of Heaven Vol. II: The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700-1700 a.d. is a 3 volume series that will be released one by one. This book details everything about European society and mentality.  In this edition you will find these facts:  Alcoholism & The Blue Devils, Insanity & Lead Poisoning, Ergot (LSD) Hallucinations, The Sweating Sickness & Leprosy, The Tobacco Enema & Leeches, The Defloration Mania, The Dancing Mania, The Black Death, The Gravediggers & Body Snatchers, Jews Poisoning the Wells, Millions of Deaths, Folklore & Superstition, Magic Mirrors & Crystal Balls, Witches Dancing in Baby Blood, Pants Made of Human Skin, Necromancy & Ghost Armies, Attacks from The Undead, Lycanthropy & Were-Wolves, Multiple Cases of Vampires, Who is Satan, Lucifer & The Devil!


CNET: ‘Kisse myne arse’: Doctor’s notes reveal bizarre medical cases from 400 years ago.

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