CBS News: Catholic nun abuse: Nuns come forward with abuse allegations against priests Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III $54.00

The imaginations of women are always more excitable than those of men, and they are therefore susceptible of every folly when they lead a life of strict seclusion and their thoughts are constantly turned inward upon themselves.  Hence, if orphan asylums, hospitals, and convents, the nervous disorder of one female so easily and quickly becomes the disorder of all.  I have read in a good medical work that a nun, in a very largeconvent in France, began to mew like a cat; shortly afterward other nuns also mewed.  At last all the nuns mewed together every day at a certain time for several hours together.  The whole surrounding Christian neighborhood heard, with equal chagrin and astonishment, this daily cat concert, which did not cease until all the nuns were informed that a company of soldiers were placed by the police before the entrance of the covent, and that they were provided with rods, and would continue whipping them until they promised not to mew any more.

But of all the epidemics of females which I myself have seen in Germany, or of which the history is known to me, the most remarkable is the celebrated Convent epidemic of the 15th century, which Cardan describes, and which peculiarly proves what I would here enforce.  A nun in a German nunnery fell to biting all her companions.  In the course of a short time all the nuns of this convent began biting eachother.  The news of this infatuation among the nuns soon spread, and it now passed from convent to convent throughout a great part of Germany, principally Saxony and Brandenburg.  It afterward visited the nunneries of Holland, and at last the nuns had the biting mania even as far as Rome.” –Zimmerman on solitude, Vol. II. Leipsig. 1784 Transl. note.

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III $54.00

The Untold History of The White Races Cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
585 pages 720 pictures

  • ISBN-10: 1943820074
  • ISBN-13: 978-1943820078
Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. III is divided into 2 parts. The First part of this volume goes over The Catholic Church’s history during the Dark Ages & Medieval Times.  These are a some of the things that are discussed: The Castrati (Castrated Boy Choir), Holy Blood & Organs, Jesus’s Holy Prepuce (Foreskin), The Penance & Anathema, The Fish Bishop, Saints that Levitate, The Incorruptible Saints, The Nun Manias, All Religious Holidays explained, The Heretics: The Luciferians, The Spanish Inquisition. The Second half of this book is a focus on the art of the times.  These are the subjects reviewed: Monsters & Gargoyles, Castles & Knight Armory, More on Medicine & Magic, More on Werewolves, Demons & Hell, Over 100 Different Black Madonnas &  Moorish Saints, The Catacomb Bone Churches, The Bejewelled Saints, Aliens, Astrology & Alchemy………………….

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CBS News: Catholic nun abuse: Nuns come forward with abuse allegations against priests.

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