Business Insider: People are pooping more than ever on the streets of San Francisco

“September 28th 1665…and so I to bed, and in the night was mightily troubled with a looseness (I suppose from some fresh damp linen that I put on the is night), and feeling for a chamber-pott, there was none, I having called the mayde up out of her bed, she had forgot I supposed to put one there; so I was forced in this strange house to rise and shit in the chimney twice; and so to bed and was very well again…’

Pepys and his friends were not yet of the class who habitually used carriages, although they might for a special occasion.  Most of the time they walked, and as the London streets were foul for most of the year, with beaten mud, rubbish, offal (animal entrails), and contributions from Sir William Fleetwood and his like, this must have meant a constant battle against filth tracked into the house.

The streets remained dirty, carcasses remained unburied, waters stagnated, and the houses of the poor remained stifled up too close and nasty.  When a cure came for Londons plague-sores, it was far more drastic and savage-ca cautery. [61]

Not only chamber-pots were emptied into the streets, although there were enough of these. Offal from butchers’ slaughter houses, waste from tanneries, trimmings from vegetables and meat, fish heads, eel skins, and any food which had decayed too far even for those robust stomachs, all was shot into the kennel, the gutter that ran down the middle of each street.  Unless a scavenger found some part of the rubbish useful, it might lie there for days, rotting, until rain came to carry it away, or at least transfer it from one street to another. This made walking in towns after rain as hazardous as walking at night:

Now from all parts the swelling kennels flow, And bear their trophies with them as they go: Filth of all hues and odours seem to tell

What street they sailed from, by their sight and smell…

Sweepings from butchers’ stalls, dung, guts, and blood, Drown’d puppies, shaking sprats, all drenched in mud,

Dead cates, and turnip-tops, come tumbling down the flood.[61-2]

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Business Insider: People are pooping more than ever on the streets of San Francisco.

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