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The ‘bedsters’ also appealed to the sympathy with self-sacrafice and the piety of the Middle Ages by spreading a blanket, if possible near a church, but always in some crowded square, and throwing themselves into fake convulsions, as if they were in agony.  One of these women thought of an interesting variant of such a display, after she had collected a group of respectable, kind-hearted females around her.  She declared that she had recently given birth to a toad and presented her miraculous offspring to the monastery at Einsiedeln, a place of pilgrimage. She now needed a pound of meat every day to feed it.  It turned out however, that the meat-swallowing monster was nothing less than a souteneur, who was awaiting in an adjacent inn the result of his supporters fairy-tale.

The ‘crazies’ and ‘strippers’ n relied on the love of staring that characterized the inhabitants of small towns, who were offered very little distraction by the ecclesiastical and municipal authorities. The ‘crazy’ behaved as if she were a lunatic and accordingly adopted indecent attitudes and exposed parts of her person, giving the onlookers to understand that such pledges could be redeemed at nightfall for due payment.  The ‘stripper’ went in for less strenuous methods by simply exhibiting herself got up as a shabby waif, practically nude, on the steps of a church until someone, posing as overcome by charitable feelings, signed to her to follow him. They crammed the highways with primitive tumult and the unrest of the rootless.  Jews and gipsies contributed oriental subtlely. Persons displaced by the endless wars of the Middle Ages and deserters from feudal duties added to the common stock of resources the tricks and subterfuges learned by the cunning of peasants during centuries of servitude.  Everyone had his own specialty and the women and girls, in addition, had their own persons, which they used as trump cards when high stakes were in prospect.

Those ‘tough and upstanding beggarwomen’ of whom Nicodemus Frischlin (1547-1590) sang, must have occupied the serious attention of several German city councils at various times between the 11th and 13th centuries. The glittering and clinking coins that poured into the laps of the strolling charmers must also have added up to a considerably larger sum than that gained by the sturdy ruffians who begged on the church steps, alleging as an excuse that they had once been hangmen.  The male beggars could be got rid of.  No one wanted them.  But why should the hard-earned money of the citizens be thrown away year after year, even month after month, on strolling harlots, when it would be so easy to plant a few of them, under municipal protection, in a single building and share in their earnings?

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I

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The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
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BBC News: Viral US act of kindness that raised $400,000 ‘a lie’.

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