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Hanged, Drawn and Quartered: In England, they had other horrid torture methods such as being hanged drawn and quartered. The torture began with the person being drawn by a horse to the place of execution. The whole execution was done before the public because, you know, executions in the past were sort of like our reality shows nowadays. The public was ecstatic when an execution was programmed and if it was a famous man, it was just like the Super Bowl of medieval times. First they were hanged for a little while just to play a little with them. Some victims were lucky enough and died during hanging, most of them were not. Then they were taken to be disemboweled. While their stomach content was hanging, they would be emasculated which means that their penis and testicles were cut off. Because cutting a person’s genitals is not enough torture, the executioner burned them in front of the victim. Other organs were torn out and finally the person was beheaded. Of course, being quartered comes from the fact that the body was divided into four quarters afterward. Also, the executioner also had a blast by parboiling the remains so that they won’t rot too sun while being displayed on the city gates. [182]

Being drawn usually meant that the condemned was tied to a horse’s tail and dragged to the gallows. [183]

Scragged, ottomised, and then grin in a glass case:  term for hang drawed and quartered but being dissected by doctors and put in a case for exhibit afterwards.

Death of a Traitor: The sentence on traitors was pronounced as follow: “That the traitor is to be taken from the prison and laid upon a sledge or hurdle [in earlier days he was to be dragged along the surface of the ground, tied to the tail of a horse], and drawn to the gallows or place of the execution, and then hanged by the neck until he be half dead, and then cut down; and his entrails to be cut out of his body and burnt by the executioner; then his head is to be cut off, his body to be divided into quarters, and afterwards his head and quarters to be set up in some open places directed.” The headsman, or hangman, commonly sliced open the chest and cut thence the heart, plucking it forth and holding it up to the populace, saying, “Behold the heart of a traitor.” The members were disposed on the gates of the cities, and in London on London Bridge, or upon Westminster Hall. [184]

Collingbourne wrote the following couplet respecting Catesby, Ratcliff, and Lovele giving their advice to Richard III., whose crest, it will be remembered, was a white boar:

“The cat, the rat and Lovel the dog, Rule all England under a hog.”

For writing the foregoing couplet, Collingbourne was executed on Tower Hill. After “having been hanged,” it is recorded, “he was cut down immediately, and his entrails were then extracted and thrown into the fire; and all this was so speedily performed that,” Stow says, “when the executioner pulled out his entrails, he spoke, and said, “Jesus, Jesus.”[185]

The punishment of high treason in general is very solemn and terrible: that the offender be drawn to the gallows and not be carried or walk he is pulled on a sled. That he be hanged by the neck and then cut down alive. Then his entrails are to be taken out and burned while he is yet alive. That his head be cut off. That his body be divided into four parts. And be shown to the king

Sir Walter Raleigh (who Raleigh, NC is named after. convicted of treason.)

You are to be hanged and cut down alive, and your body shall be opened your heart and bowels plucked out and your privy members cut off and thrown in to the fire then your head to be taken off and your body shall be divided into 4 quarters disposed of at the kings pleasure and god have mercy upon your soul.

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