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Magical attempts to spark love or arouse revulsion were roughly as common in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries as were efforts to bring physical harm. The geographical distribution of love magic, though, is not so even. In particular there is a high proportion of cases from Italy, and a low percentage from Switzerland. One might seek to explain the discrepancy with reference to the social complexions, and particularly the position of women, in the respective countries. Robert Redfield found in Yucatan that the prevalence of unmarried women, and the ease with which married men formed secondary unions, led frequently to jealousy among women that resulted in accusations of witchcraft. The large number of unmarried women in Italian towns may have had a similar result, and if so it would be natural, if not inevitable, for love magic to figure prominently in the accusations. The tendency of men in these towns to marry late in life, and the inevitable mortality among these procrastinating males, resulted in a substantial number of women who would never have the chance to marry. It is this latter class of woman whose quest of marital security might most readily lead to love magic, or suspicion of such magic. Still, it is difficult to establish this kind of connection with confidence, especially because a great deal of work remains to be done on the social history of Italy and other areas.

Usually the trials in this class involved women who attempted to win the affections of recalcitrant men. Or, from a different viewpoint, they involved men who sought to excuse their love affairs by attributing them to the bewitchment of their seducers. The magical means for manipulating affections were exactly the same as those employed to inflict bodily harm. To be sure, in many trials the procedures used are stated vaguely or not at all. Yet all of the means that served to bring illness and death could just as well arouse love or hatred.

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