Atlas Obscura: Ancient Celts Embalmed the Severed Heads of Their Enemies Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I Coupon Code for 33% Off: THANKSGIVING

Beheading, as a mode of punishment, had an early origin.  Amongst the Romans it was regarded as a most honourable death.  It is asserted that it was introduced into England from Normandy by William the Conqueror, and intended for the putting to death of criminals belonging to the higher grades of society.  The first person to suffer beheading was Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon, Northhampton, and Northumberland, in 1076.

Charles I is perhaps the most famous of kings that have been beheaded. On January 30th, 1649, on a scaffold raised before the Banqueting House at Whitehall, he was executed.  Within the Banqueting Hall of the Castle of Fotheringay, on February 8th, 1587, the executioner from the Tower, after three blows from an axe, severed the hear from the body of Mary, Queen of Scots. Her Earlier years opended in the gay court of France, and was full of sunshine, but shadows gathered, and she was – “ A sad prisoner, passing weary years, In many castles, till at Fotheringay, The joyless life was ended.”[100]

Sir Thomas More was executed on July 6th, 1535. Like his friend Fisher, he refused submission to the Statute of Succession and to the King’s Supremacy. The devotion of Margaret Roper to her father, Sir Thomas More, forms an attractive feature in the life story of this truly great man. After execution his head was spiked on London Bridge, and she bribed a man to move and drop it in to a boat where she sat. She kept the sacred relic for many years, and at her death it was buried with her in a vault under St. Dunstan’s Church, Canterbury.[101]

Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. I

Coupon Code for 33% Off: THANKSGIVING


The Untold History of The White Races cir. 700 – 1700 a.d.
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Kicked Out Of Heaven Vol. I: The Untold History of The White Races; cir. 700-1700 a.d. is a 3 volume series that details everything about European society and mentality. In this edition you will find these facts: 100 pound hail stones, Sex in The Streets, Cuckolds in Poems Molly Houses, The Orders of Beggars, Torture, Medicinal Cannibalism, Food: Black Puddings & Eel Pie, Bathed Once a Year, Bloodthirsty Knights, Government Sanctioned Prostitution, Infants fed wine, Cross Dressing Men, Gang Raping Teenagers, Incest Marriages, Insane Kings & Queens, The Bastard Children, Condoms, Dildos, & Birth Control & A Long List of Infanticide. There’s Many Many More Odd Facts Inside!

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Atlas Obscura: Ancient Celts Embalmed the Severed Heads of Their Enemies.

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