Article: How Long Can Pubic Lice Live in Bedding? Part of the Answer Is Written in Their DNA The I.M.P. Insanity, Manias & Plagues DVD Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II

A company of coystrell Clearkes…outface the greatest and most magnanimous Servitors in their sincere and finigraphicall cleane shirts and cuffs.  A Lowce (that was anie Gentlemans companion) they thought scorne of, their nerebitted beards must in a devill’s name be dewed everye day with Rose-water, Hogges could have nere a haire on their backs for making them rubbing-brushes to rouse their crab-lice.  They would in no wise permit that the moates in the Sunbeames should be full mouthd beholders of their cleane phinified apparel, their shooes shined as bright as a silkestone, their hands troubled and soyled more water with washing, than the Cammell doth, that never drinks till the whole streame be troubled.  Summarily never anie were so fanaticall the one halfe as they.

The ‘gentlemans companion’ clung closely to those manly fellows who could not be troubled with rubbing brushes and other louse disturvers.  Lice like a quiet life, grazing peacefully on the blood of their hosts, holding on to the body hairs with the highly efficient claws at the ends of their six legs-the claws of the crab-louse are large enough to be seen with the naked eye, hence the name.  Those that infest man are of three types, each keeping to its natural boundaries as carefully as trade unionists in a demarcation dispute.  The head loue, Pediculus capitis, clings to the hair on the head, and lays its egss in small horny cells, nits, which are so firmly stuck to the hair that only methylated spirit will remove them (hairdresses have, or used to ave, a special concoction made with soft soap and spirit which was swiftly brought out when a customer appeared with the characteristic lumps attached to the hair).  The body louse, Pediculus corporis, ranges over the rest of the body but is rarely seen above the ears; even so it likes hair to cling on to, and chooses the legs, arms, underarms, and the masculine chest for most of its activity.

In Nashe’s The Unfortunate Traveller he puts forward the traditional soldiers view:

The crab louse, Phthirus pubis, is a smaller creature that confines its attentions to pubic hair, and is the most resistant to removal, owing to the number of places that it can find in which to hide.

All of them creep quietly about from place to place on the body, without the vulgar ostentation of the flea, and all of them suck blood.  Very often the bites themselves are not noticed, only the irritation set up by the infection, so that the host to the lice is always scratching a little too late to disturb the creatures themselves.  Unfortunately, although lice do not usually infect bites by regurgitating infected blood, they are careless about other points of hygiene, and deposit infected excrement near bites.  Scratching opens up the bites and disease germs from the near-by excrement are rubbed into the wound.  It is this insidious attack which is so repulsive about lice.  One can sympathize with Thomas Moufet (1553-1604) (reputed father of the better-known Miss muffet, unwilling entomologist)  who wrote in praise of fleas:  ‘Though they trouble us much, yet they neither stink as Wall lice doe, not is it any disgrace to a man to be troubled with them, as it is to be lowsie.’  ‘Wall lice’ are obviously bugs, but it is interesting to note that even in Elizabeth’s reign there was some distinction between lice and fleas as a criterion of hygiene.

The I.M.P. Insanity, Manias & Plagues Kicked Out of Heaven Vol. II
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How Long Can Pubic Lice Live in Bedding? Part of the Answer Is Written in Their DNA

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